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  1. And you can chat at this location linked to the site!


  2. Is this cbox linked with ur blog?

  3. Not really, this chat box is linked to the Reellusions blog!

  4. hey pardesi

    how r u doing?

    not seen u at NG and SB for ages?(not a single comment in any MNIK thread …..thats disappointing!)wassup?

    • Good to see you here Manoj. I have not been very active on NG, true. The tone of the discussions do not fit in with how I want to spend my spare time. Hope to see you around – all the best with your studies!

  5. Thanks for the reply :)

    Its perfectly ok if you are not that active apropos the tone of discussions at NG .Many of the old members have forsaken NG( or restricted their frequency of appearance) owing to varied reasons. But atleast spare some bare minimum time to drop in 1 comment a week! NG,anyway, is experiencing a paucity of profound writers.Many of us want to know your views and NG is a much bigger platform for the exchange of the same.

    Btw,I have gone through http://reellusions.blogspot.com/ and it looks like Filmikhabar part-2!!! :P
    too much domination of srk!
    Is it up for grabs for only srk fans? if not ;allow me to contribute as well. :)
    The discussion needs to be balanced ;)

    Studies going fine…I am into my first year of MBA!

  6. Hi Manoj – thanks very much for your candid opinions. I think SRK and MNIK talk is dominating all forums at the moment and RL is no different! We are hardly FK :D

    Anyone and everyone can join by filling out the contact form on the RL page. That will generate an e-mail to the moderator who will send instructions for joining. Commenting does not require anything other than simply commenting on the appropriate threads! And the KhitPit box is even simpler to use!!

    It would be great to see you on RL, so please do show up and comment and write posts. The only requirement is writing and civility will be ensured. That is really of prime importance to those of us who are on the RL forum.

    See you there! AND here too!

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