TweedleJi and TweedleD see Dev D!

dev-d-wallpaper1TweedleJi and TweedleD rarely watch movies together – their tastes differ like chalk and cheese (no pun intended). But a few days ago they bumped into each other while watching Dev D.

TweedleD: Hi Ji – I thought this would not be your kind of film, strange to see you here.

TweedleJi: Hey D, I heard a lot of praise for the film, saw that it had a solid 8.8 on IMDb, so here I am, waiting to be pleasantly surprised. This Abhay Deol fellow – his film selection is daring and I like what I have seen so far. I thought this would hardly be your kind of film – there is much being said about subtext and symbolism and metaphors in the film.

TweedleD: Hey what’s all that? I was told this is a bold film about sex, drugs and alcohol – a hip and happenin Indian film – we can all relate to it much better than that Tarantino stuff.

They settle down with popcorn and the film begins. After a few minutes of incredibly bad acting by some child actor who keeps calling his Dad “Sattu”, we see the main lead Dev (Deol) asking his girlfriend Paro (Mahie Gill) if she touches herself! TweedleD happily settles down into his seat while TweedleJi squirms in disbelief. His discomfort level grows as Dev asks Paro to send him some photos “Bina kapdon wali” and she happily gives a roll of film into a shop to be developed and then scanned for her! TweedleJi is muttering to himself about the justified fate for such dumb women. Dev returns, and Paro and he are seen in moaning and groaning clinches at every turn, enough simulated activity to satisfy TweedleD for a while. TweedleJi is muttering at the stupidity of the father who is always there but clueless!

TweedleJi: Oh, now I understand why the daughter was dumb enough to get her naked pictures developed in a shop! The fruit always falls close to the tree.

TweedleD: Hush, you are making me miss some of the moans with your muttering!

Dev finds out from a staff (who was this person and why did he aspire to have designs on Paro?) that Paro is free with her favors and is annoyed at her “slutty” behavior. After all she has been in numerous clinches with him since he got home. Paro fearlessly packs a mattress onto her bicycle carrier and sets off to the fields, only to be rebuffed by Dev as she tries to give him a handjob! She then takes out her frustration on a handpump.

TweedleD: (lets out a loud seeti) Paisa wasool! Kya scene thaa na?

TweedleJi: Why would a woman, who was stopped from giving a hand job, be frustrated? Why did this ‘needy’ Paro wait for Dev to return home? Love and sexual need seem to have become conflated in the minds of the director – that would be fine if the love had happened among adults, but a childhood love? What has Paro been reading in these backwaters of…..

TweedleD: Shush – or I will find a seat far away from you. You made me miss Dev seducing a bridesmaid.

So Paro goes on to marry an older man while Dev moves to Delhi and to a life of debauchery. Cut to Chanda – a schoolgirl who hangs out with a grown man, lets him take videos of her doing something bad – TweedleD is desperate to know what, and TweedleJi tells him to use his imagination, half the nation seems to have done so. The parents of this disgraced girl leave town, the father watches the video and then kills himself. The girl has to run away and gets back to Delhi to become a randi, a whore, a sex worker – TweedleD seems very satisfied that her status has been thus comprehensively explained. Dev somehow makes his way to Chanda of the big lips, crooked teeth, bad wigs and weird costumes.

TweedleJi: Why? She merely sells phone sex – costume waali kya baat hai?

TweedleD: For us, the viewers, you dumbo! Shut up and watch Dev doing Vodka and snorting cocaine and taking white pills – sooo cool. Mujhe to dekh ke hi high ho gaya!

TweedleJi: But this is a Devdas story yaar – Paro ka kya hua?

Dev keeps calling Paro and she finally shows up at his hotel room, cleans it up, washes his clothes, and then gets into another clinch but then walks out of there to the frustrated sigh of TweedleD.

TweedleJi: So all she wanted was to mother him? And all he wanted was a mother figure?

Dev then goes back to Chanda, but leaves in frustration when her first “real” client shows up. Does a massive overdose of drugs and alcohol, and kills seven people, plus his father who dies of shock. He is let out on bail, goes home to the funeral, gets slapped around then hugged by his mother, and then goes on a Bharat Darshan with his Sikh cabbie. Along the way he also hitches a mobike ride and then eventually goes back to scavenging and stealing for drinks, until he realizes in a split second that he could be flushing his whole life down the toilet. Thus the director gives a happy and upbeat twist to Devdas and sends him back into the arms of Chanda who is no longer sex worker, randi, whore, as she has run away!

TweedleD: Wow! Kya film thi, kya drugs thay, kya sex tha, kya language thi, mazaa aa gaya! Aapka kya vichaar hai?

TweedleJi: Arre bhai, mujhe to kuch samajh nahin aaya. Yeh Dev kaisa banda thaa? He cared for no one but himself, treated the women like shit and they still came and did his laundry! My wife makes me do hers! And I have to chase after her for – err never mind that.

TweedleD: But Delhi was rocking Ji! And the film was so cool with excellent psychedelic sequences and rocking music. So your final verdict?

TweedleJi: Watch it and pine for the unattainable – the drugs-women-sex-debauchery with zero consequences!

TweedleD: Oh take a hike – I am coming back tomorrow will all my hostel buddies – wonder if they will let me sneak beers into the theater…….

16 Responses

  1. 🙂

    Gud one Ji.

    “So Paro goes on to marry an older man”

    Is that so? I thought she married one who was around Dev’s age

    “as she tries to give him a handjob!”
    Again I thought she was giving him different type of ‘job’ 🙂 may be I am wrong as I watched Pirated dvd with poor quality

    “She merely sells phone sex – costume waali kya baat hai? ”

    Well.. To get into the character they wear weird clothes & different wigs.

  2. Again she uses roll camera which is so 90s.. I cant believe anybody usess them anymore.

    Couldn’t see afford a Digicam or atleast a webcam, which costs around 300 bucks.?

  3. Take Abhay deol out, Dev D falls flat IMO

    Give me No Smoking any day

  4. Why didn’t you post this in NG?

    I suggest you to post in Qalandar way.. Don’t post the contents but just post the link..this ensures additional traffic 🙂

  5. […] LINK […]

  6. Thank you HardikJi! Seems like Pakaopakao got there before me.

  7. Hardikji?

    BTW 60 people read your review today 🙂

  8. Abhay was the soul of Dev D – no doubt about that. And in the final moments even Kalki Koechlin began to fit into the role. If only the entire film had been liek the last 20 minutes!

  9. By the way – he is an older man. The seduced bridesmaid calls him bade bhaiyya and is afraid of him, and Paro says he has two kids who lover her.

  10. Nithya – welcome to my blog, and thanks for your kind words! Hope to see more of you here.

  11. I am ignoring all but TS on SB for now. To be honest I am a little jaded with NG right now and upset too, but it is always fun to talk to TS about cinema and books. So I am restricting myself to that! Nothing personal against you – I really like chatting with you, but please humor me for a while?

  12. As you please, your honor!!


  13. and thats the other one from G. Brooks:

  14. Excellent review Pakhi.

  15. Nice to see Bash here. Pakhi why were you ignoring me on SB today??????

  16. Pakhi this is the one I was talking about that I have from Borges:

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