This in NOT Potty humor! Toilets around the world….

Since I travel a fair bit I thought I would share with you some of my experiences with out of the ordinary facilities that I encountered. There will be no descriptions of loud noises or bodily functions in this post. And I promise that this will not be a declasse discourse, strictest decorum will be maintained at all times!
Let me begin with my trip to Switzerland a few years ago. I had procured a Swiss Rail pass and this allowed me to roam the country freely. One trip took me to Mountreaux and the Chateau De Chillon on the banks of Lake Geneva. The Chateau is a massive structure that towers over the rocky lake shore. Some may recall Byron’s famous poem Prisoner of Chillon, inspired by the incarceration of François de Bonivard (a Genevois monk and politician) in the dungeons of the Chateau. A glass plaque nailed into a dungeon wall preserves the “BYRON” gouged out by the poet on his visit there (there is a graffiti artist hidden inside all of us).

As I wandered though the various halls and passageways, I came to the Count’s private chambers and from there went on to the ante-chamber that housed the facilities. There was a nice shiny wooden bench with TWO apertures that looked straight down to the turbulent lake over a hundred feet below! The count and countess Savoy apparently shared conversation as they went about their business.

I don’t know about you, but I marveled at the fact that in 11th century Europe there was such a matter-of-factness to the facts of life! This must be the most visited and talked about toilet in all of Europe.



2 Responses

  1. You should be leader among us in that test!

  2. Unfortunately that IQ test does not ask for such unique “monuments”!

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