Diverse genres from Bollywood this Friday

Four films based on different themes and subjects are going to release this Friday.

Leading the pack is Nandita Das ’s directorial debut Firaaq , a movie set just a month after the Gujarat riots of 2002. Starring Naseeruddin Shah , Shahana Goswami , Sanjay Suri , Tisca Chopra , Deepti Naval and Paresh Rawal , ‘Firaaq’ traces the emotional journey of ordinary people – some who were victims of the riots, some perpetrators, some who chose to watch silently, and some who are baying for revenge. As an ensemble film, it follows multiple narratives that are at some times interconnected and at times discreet, yet all are united by their emotional context.

While ‘Firaaq’ is doubtlessly a serious film, those in the mood for something light can catch the Vinay Pathak – Gul Panag starrer Straight . The film has Pathak playing an introvert who’s never had any intimacy with women. He runs a restaurant in London and is tired of being laughed at by people. His life changes when he hires a beautiful cashier (Gul Panag) who helps him come out of the closet but also sparks new fears in him – that he might be Gay.

Directed by Parvati Balagopalan, ‘Straight’ also stars Anuj Choudhury, Siddharth Makkar, Rasik Dave, Ketaki Dave, Achla Sachdev.

Another lighthearted tragic-comic movie to release this Friday is Barah Aana . The film tells the story of three friends – a driver (Naseeruddin Shah), a watchman ( Vijay Raaz ), and a waiter (Arjun Mathur). The three live struggling lives until the watchman stumbles upon a way to make quick money. Thereon begins a chain of events that leads the three friends into the direction none had wanted to take.

The fourth film to release is a rom-com starring Aftab Shivdasani , Aamna Sharif , Linda Arsenio and Kulbhushan Kharbanda . Titled Aloo Chaat , the movie promises oodles of fun. At its centre are three characters – an NRI (Aftab) visiting his family in Delhi. He loves Aamna, another NRI who’s desi at heart. Linda plays an American citizen looking to settle in India.

‘Aloo Chaat’ tells the story of a young man who ties the knot with a girl of his choice but faces opposition from his family.


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  1. I am most interested in Firaaq, followed by Barah Anna.

  2. What’s going on?

    Don’t make this yet another copy paste movies realted blog 😦 there are 16672772622 such blogs

  3. Your awesome posts is buried with bollywood nonsense 😦 I almost missed your Y’day’s write up.

    Anyway, that is my suggestion. Let hardik & bachha khan post original write ups

  4. Thanks very much for your suggestion, as always! Perhaps there is a way to partition original posts and posts that are links to other articles. I will think of a way to do this.

  5. Yeh aap kaun kaun se template try kar rahen hain?

  6. good its back to what it was . this looks so much better .

    hardymypal – point noted . 😀

  7. Why do you want to change the theme? This one looks perfect 🙂

    You can add ‘recent posts’ widget if you like

  8. I like the organization, but colors are little dull.

    ps: If you want three column then On left hand side keep everything except photo and right hand side keep photos or vice-versa. (Most of the three column themes have selection for right and left sidebars))

  9. Thanks – I struggled but got it back. I think the writing space used to be a little wider with a lighter blue color on the margin, but no idea how that had happened.

    Tell me about the recent posts widget? Widgets make me nervous.

  10. https://pakhipakhi.wordpress.com/wp-admin/widgets.php

    there is recent posts widget there. click Add. that’s it 🙂

    You can drag & drop widgets and place them wherever you like

  11. 🙂 Gracias!

  12. mucho gusto 🙂


  13. Or is it ‘De nada’ ?

  14. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_reply_to_muchos_gracias&alreadyAsked=1

  15. 😉

    Pakhi means bird in tulu (my language) too

  16. SPS sounds like Shetty. Correct?

  17. Hardy, we can have a mix and match as far as posts are concerned. Pakhi can keep hers on top, I think you can time stamp those. But we have to add bollywood “nonsense” too as you said if we want more people to visit this blog. Isn’t that the reason why most people are around NG and not other blogs. Anyway, as this is not my blog, I will do as Pakhi says. No problems. Just let me know.

  18. and Pakhi check the stats, yesterday you had the highest number of hits ever… 195, isn’t that enough proof that “Bachchan Khan” has already made his mark 🙂

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