A jug of wine and AMORPHOPHALLUS! More Xi’an…

The Shaanxi province museum is loaded with wonderful exhibits from the area. Prominent place is given to the Terracotta soldiers, and also to artifacts that were brought to China over the Silk Route. An exquisitely carved wine jug and a gold cup are two pieces that occupy pride of place in the museum.img_1691

An agate cup from the Tang dynasty (around 600 AD) in the shape of a ram’s head is another spectacular specimen in the museum.

Travel on the silk route usually used horses and the two humped Bactrian camel – a much hardier specimen than the regular camel.

After a day of wandering around the museum, I was drawn to the heart of Xi’an. Here lies Muslim street – bustling busy, crowded with alleyways lined with trinket sellers and street food vendors. Most of the residents of this district are from those regions that border the countries with their names ending in “stan!
Though warned specifically by our guide, we did enter an eating establishment only to be confronted with a most bizarre menu.

I ordered the Pickled Cabbage Amorphopahllus and it was edible (just barely), but the chicken stir fry came with the entire chicken – feet, head, beak and all – and had to be hurriedly removed from the table!

The food was fiery hot (RIVERI BURNS POWDER BELT? WTFISH!!!)- a unique thing for most of China – as can be evidenced from this gentleman sweating profusely while his wife (?) wipes him down with a cool wet compress!!


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