A red rose? Try a bleeding heart instead!

A bouquet of red roses, or even better – a single long stemmed red rose, is supposed to signify LOVE in BIG LETTERS! However, do not make the mistake of sending that special someone yellow roses – that means friendship. These meanings were imposed on flowers by us. Nature, however, made some things in just the right shape or configuration, to mean exactly what we think they mean when we look at them! Witness this succulent with its heart shaped leaves – designed to win any heart!

An added bonus – succulents are hard to kill, so they will stick around as a reminder of you. Want to remind her of the two of you together? Go no further than the Imperial Palace in Beijing and to the inner courtyard. There you will come upon a plaque that talks of loyal love:


This loyal love is symbolized by these two intertwined cypresses – in essence saying “Can You and Me be We forever?”

Of course the ways of women are mysterious – if all this fails then console yourself by planting Bleeding Hearts. They are pretty enough to make even the dripping blood illusion look beautiful!

I will make sure to bump this up to the top come Valentine’s day! And hopefully add a bouquet of Forget-me-nots for that special day.


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