The two largest flowers!

Only one of these is really a flower. Rafflesia is a parasitic plant, and when it does flower it puts forth a spectacular bloom up to 6 feet wide. Found in the jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia, the flower is usually pollinated by carrion flies, hence the intense rotting meat stench and the rotting flesh look!

Strangely enough a very similar look and smell combination is found in another “flower” from West Arfica – the Amorphallus titanum, or Titan Arum. This is really a collection of minuscule flowers, the whole encased in a rotting flesh looking large leaf, and with an intense stench of carrion. It is a curious combination of gym socks, unwashed bodies, and stale vomit kind of smell, bad enough to drive one to the nearest puke receptacle!

The flies swarm to these flowers in the hope of food, and are suckered into carrying pollen to the next flower, thus helping the plant reproduce. Nature works in wonderful, if sometimes incredibly smelly, ways.


8 Responses

  1. thanx for the info pakhiji . i am reading names of this flowers for the first time .

  2. 🙂 These flowers are truly one of a kind. But best approached with the nose plugged.

  3. or when i have cold 😀

  4. These might open up your sinuses and get you breathing again!!!

  5. doctors new medicine against common cold and sinusitis

    • In this case medicine is worse than the disease 🙂

  6. hi i am amit, i heard that this flowers also cultivate in londan gardens like princes of wales and q-garden::::is it true:::::and the name of flower is corpus flower::::it is blossum after 6 to 7 years :::::::its weight up to 90 kg ::::::and this flower brought from indoneshia::::::::

  7. Yes – they can be cultivated in gardens, but they are tropical so they need a greenhouse in cold climates. The Amorphophallus is called the Voodoo Lily, others that smell like rotting corpses are called corpse flowers! Rafflesia is Indonesian – you got that right.

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