Burning questions for the day!

1. Did Sourav really supply inside information to the Fake IPL player – is he the KKR “Deep Throat”?

2. Did Preity and Ness really break-up? Who the hell owns KIP then?

3. Are Shahid and Priyanka really a couple? For how long? Until Kaminey releases?

4. Ditto Ranbir and Katrina – and replace last bit with Rajniti!

5. Why is SRK doing everything except acting in films? Is this an exit strategy, a leap from movies into business?

6. Are the ‘plex owners really playing hardball or is this a dull period with no big films any way?

7. Is the ‘plex crisis just a way to save films from tanking during IPL time?



12 Responses

  1. 1 . i dont think so . it is a player who has not played for india .

    2. yeah they did break up but two diff person can stil own a team .

    3 and 4 answers can be known only after kaminey , rajniti gets released .

    5. Srk knows he will be no longer accepted in films so trying to find diff means of earning money . dont think he is too successful here .

    6. this period was anyways going to be dull as KI wsa planned to come only on may 29 . till then no flm was going to release due to IPL so strike is done at perfect time . producers wont lose their business and they can play hardball too for forthcoming films.

  2. So now your blog is going to be a gossip site ? Please keep it restricted to your posts about food, music, travel and cinema (in that order). 🙂

    1. Sourav is innocent until proven guilty. He would never do anything like you are suggesting, until it serves his self-interest.

    2. I do not care….

    3. same as 2

    4. Neetu does not like Deepika.

    5. SRK knows his MNIK will fare poorly compared to 3 idiots, the movie by an idiot 🙂 So, he is exploring other avenues.

    6. Multiplex owners are playing hardball since there are no biggies lined up for now. I do not consider KI a biggie.

    7. Same as 6.

    Heck, i have no idea what i am talking about. I just wanted to be the first and only one to comment 🙂

  3. HG – How can you beat me to be the first ? I am disappointed….

  4. 😀

    And SKS – I am disappointed at the order you suggest. All my effort in talking about cinema goes to naught!

    This is hardly gossip – it seems that the modus operandi for trying to be superstars is to start heroine linkup stories. About Ranbir Deepika – it is not whether they will stay a couple or not, but whether the Ranbir Katrina stories are just so much publicity hunt.

    What was happening in this phase last year? Can anyone tell me which films released pre-June in 2008?

  5. Just becoz i am interested in food more than the movies, doesn’t mean that your effort in talking about anything and everything related to Gulal is not wasted 🙂

    That’s the reason SRK can never be a superstar.. He is never linked up with his heroines 🙂

    How can you forget Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic which was released on June 27 ?

  6. 1. Not interested
    2. Not interested
    3. Not interested
    4. Not interested
    5. As SRK is King and perceives himself to be a King, he obviously wants to be King in other arenas as well. He wants to win.
    6. Do not know
    7. Do not know

  7. I was trying to forget TPTM – I actually saw it in theater 😦 Seemed ho-hum then and seems like NOTHING now. Damn you!!!!

  8. Always at your service 🙂

  9. Howdy Saab – How are u ? Nowadays you are not be seen anywhere ? Did u enter witness protection program ?

  10. Yes Howdy ji – aap to gayab hi ho gaye!

  11. yes guys, I’ve been busy and also a little bored with NG and movie talk. Like SRK, I am trying to develop interests and hobbies in other areas as well. Reading and NY ki ser on the weekends. Also, I have a couple of business trips coming up next month plus my mom is visiting US next month. I will try and keep in touch with my friends here though 🙂

  12. Thanks Howdy ji – we miss you on SB. Khabar sunate rehiyega apni!

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