Your predictions for the following:

Kambakht Ishq
3 Idiots

Total Rs. collected and verdict please!!


20 Responses

  1. I need to figure out how to set this up as a poll………

  2. u need to make it through

  3. why not pollmommy? LOL

  4. Aaj kal sab joker ho gaye hain, koi madad nahin karta 😦

  5. 1.go to or
    3.create a poll
    4. paste the html code in the post

    simple 🙂

  6. Kaminey -FDFS

    Kambakht Ishq- Dvd (I somewhat liked tamil version)

    Wanted- Cinema hall

    MNIK -Cinema hall

    KITES- depends on review

    3 Idiots- Cinema hall

    BLUE -depends on review

  7. Not sure of Wanted & KI… Rest of them will click

  8. It is hard to set up a poll in a table format with the verdict and collections for each movie, as you like. Using polldaddy you can setup a multiple choice poll like the one i had.

    My 2 Cents 🙂

    • Check out the Breaking news on MNIK site. If u like the survey, you can use it, and it will removed from the current site.

  9. Sorry pakhi but I wish I could help; I am an illiterate as far as these things go. rks or Saks are good at this kind of stuff.

    These days I am not in a mood to watch ANY bollywood movie, but this may change once these movies are released. Right now only Switzerland is on my mind LOL

  10. Kitni khoobsoorat yeh tasweer hai; mausam bemisal benazir he; yeh kashmeer hai, yeh kashmeer hai –

    only need to replace kashmeer with switzerland 🙂

  11. And it will remind you of Kashmir, the same valleys and grassy hills and lakes and high mountains!

  12. My take:
    Kaminey semi-hit to hit
    Kambakht Ishq – average to above average
    Wanted – ???
    MNIK – hit
    KITES – superhit
    3 Idiots – hit
    BLUE – flop

  13. kaminey – bb – 60-65 crores

    ki – bb 100-110 crores

    wanted bb – 90 crores

    mnik – disaster 15-20 crores

    kites – disaster – 20 crores

    3 idiots – disaster – 20-25 crores

    blue – bb 110 crores

  14. Pakhi – I agreewith you on all except Kites, which I think would be a semi-hit to hit.

  15. AgentSmith – I don’t agree with you on 3 idiots. I know you don’t like Aamir, but you should be objective. By the way, who is Agent smith in football?

  16. Here is my take:

    Kaminey Hit 55-60 Cr
    Kambakht Ishq Semi-hit 50-55 Cr
    Wanted Flop 35-40 Cr
    MNIK Semi-hit 53-60 Cr
    KITES Hit 65-70 Cr
    3 Idiots Super hit 80-85 Cr
    BLUE Flop 35-40 Cr

    • Once gain in 2009, Aamir will have the biggest grosser of the year.

  17. If 3 Idiots is the biggest grosser of the year, then I will be surprised. MNIK has the chance to be like Swades good but unsuccessful, or successful but the usual. I see no problem either way.

  18. I expect “Kites” to take the biggest opening and 3 Idiots to be the biggest grosser. MNIK should be massive in overseas.

    The films I am looking forward to (critically)

    3 Idiots
    Imtiaz’s next
    MNIK( Have a feeling It would be good)

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