Wacky comedic moments in film songs!

Comedy is a difficult genre to tame. It can become forced, or crude or just is not funny. But sometimes if done just right then magical moments are created. Here are some such moments of comedy in Hindi cinema.

1. I will start with the classic Chalti Ka Naam Gadi. The real-life Ganguly brothers played brothers in the film. Ashok was the stern older brother, hiding the tragedy of a broken heart and now completely against women, Kishore was the youngest brother – uncomplicated and free and ready for love, Anup was the middle brother – not quite here nor there and constantly caught between the two extremes. One night in their car repair garage Kishore meets a girl, and here is how he is describing that encounter to his brother Anup – whose lament “O Mannu tera hua ab mera kuya hoga” is priceless:

2. My second pick is from the same film – the girl left without paying for the repairs to her car, and now Kishore has to get the money from her – all 5 rupees and 12 aana! Here Kishore is after the money as Madhubala cavorts across stage with her purse firmly tucked away!

3. My third pick is yet another Kishore Kumar number – with Mehmood thrown in for good measure. Kishore chose to not do films but instead sing and compose music – thus a fine comedic talent was subdued by musical genius! Here Mehmood and Kishore are caught in a musical fight between the soon to be sweethearts Saira and Sunil Dutt – Ek pe raho na, ya ghoda bolo ya chatur bolo – again priceless!

4. Next up is Amitabh in Laawaris – Mere Angne mein – singing and playing totally to the galleries in various get ups. It takes a macho man to dress up so crazily! And the simple yet bawdy lyrics “Bistar pe leta do gadde ka kya kaam hai” crack me up everytime:

5. How can I forget the classic comic number “Pehle paan phir gaan” from Don? Amitabh with a gamcha wrapped around his forehead indulges to the max with bhang and paan, then cuts loose among a group of bhaiyyas, and the rest is history!

6. I will end with a modern day favorite – the lead up is extremely comic and the song is full of an energy not seen in recent times. The Bhujpuri Inglish takes one right back to the streets of UP/Bihar! The blonde wigs donned by the cast only add to the insane appeal for me.

I could go on – but I will let you share your favorites!


8 Responses

  1. One song which comes to my mind is Cheel cheel chillake (Half Ticket)

  2. This is the one i loved (loved the film as well) look at mehmood ‘s expressions… priceless

    O mere maina from Pyar Kiye Jaa

  3. I remember one song starring Shashi kappor & Prem chopra which goes like this…

    London se aaya hai babu chhaila.

    Couldn’t find the video 😦

    • Do you know which movie it is from (the song – London se aaya hai babu chhaila)

      • Unfortunately I have no idea, but I will go looking for it now.

  4. And Finally the real gem

    If you didn’t laugh at this video let me know and I’ll send you
    $ 500

  5. ROFL! Choreographer deserves a National Award at the very least.

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