A few Jhat-Pat reviews!

Managed to catch a few films and have not had the time to do detailed reviews. Some need a re-watch and a serious review – others were seen, been there done that. Here are two:

Doubt – a priest gives a sermon on doubt, a stern nun sees it as some sort of public yet veiled confession and charges the priest with abuse of the first black student the catholic school ever had. A young and dedicated nun watched from the sidelines, in doubt herself on whom to believe. Meryl Streep play the gorgon Sister Aloysious – sure and stern and yet with a core of caring inside her. She will not let this infringement go by. Philip Seymour Hoffman is growing into one fine actor – as Father Flynn he is cocky, sure, caring and yet also raises all kinds of doubts within us. Sister James is played by Amy Adams as a naive and dedicated nun, new to teaching, new to the convent. In the end Father Flynn is kicked upstairs and Sister Aloysious left with doubts on what she did. For me there was doubt too but less – and the giveaway the perfectly manicured, just a tad long fingernails!! I give the film 7.5/10 – worth a watch for some fine acting in a setting that is somber yet engaging.

Iruvar – I definitely need to see this one again. Any really good film that is subtitled deserves a second watch just so one can catch all the nuances that were earlier missed. At first pass I found the film to be a thing of stunning beauty – Mohanlal as MGR or Aanandan, Prakash Raj as Tamil Selvam or Karunanidhi, Aishwarya as Kalpana and later Pushpa, Tabu, Gautami and Revathy – every single person delivered top-notch performances. The songs were set in the way that only Mani can set his songs – maximum effect with minimum fuss. Special mention goes to Mohanlal – right from the opening fight scenes down to the bitter end, he breathed life into the role. 9/10 for now – will re-watch soon.


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