Akshay Kumar – Kinngg of BW and fashion legend..

Who designs his clothes anyway? Wife Twinkle is always well dressed but she is also a designer of interiors and so should have good sense of style. Akshay sports his own unique style be it at the Kambakkht Ishq SUCCESS party – where he came glittering with sequins, deep V shirt and matching shoes:

On to the press meet for KI, where he clearly was wearing a shirt several sizes too small for him.

His daring extends to yellow shoes in broad daylight, and even a yellow jacket to tame the wild animal by his side!

And then sometimes he is simply an animal – hard to resist!!

Of course the man reached dizzying heights of fashion at the premiere of CCTC in London! Even the dazzling Deepika was subdued and put in the shade.

Which other 42 year old will dare to wear a pink floral shirt with silver shoes?

So I salute Akshay Kumar, for being youthful, unmindful of rules, daring, and above all for keeping plaid fashionable!

Here’s looking at you Akki! May your tribe increase……


10 Responses

  1. This is once where I thought, he actually looked smart.

  2. Sad to see a star bashing post on a quality ‘blog’ like pakhi pakhi. 😦

  3. Ankit – I think his sense of dress is quirky at best. But indeed somewhat refreshing that he is not in the same boring suits and ties all the time. It must take a lot of guts to dress so differently. Also, I think maybe he has no doubts about his own masculinity and can carry off almost anything with the worst judgment being that he wore strange clothing.

    Sakshatkara – it is hardly a post bashing Akshay Kumar. To do that I would have to review some of his recent films! Sorry if you felt it was like that! I am lauding his daring and flying in the face of convention.

    • Actually for the first time, seeing the photo, I thought Akki looked smart. I think that was a very smart outfit worn by him.

    • Thanks for responding. No Comments 🙂

  4. This is indeed an unique collection of pics! 🙂

  5. Seems like this link belongs on this thread!!


    • More clear pic –

  6. There is more!!! http://www.highheelconfidential.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/akshay-kumar-chunky-pandey-red-loafer.jpg

  7. Handsome Akshay and short, ugly Twinkle with her crooked eyes and nose. they do not mach each other at all. Akshay always looked good with angel Raveena.

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