Kambakht Ishq ke chakkar mein rabba yeh kya ho gaya!

I can see what flashed into Sajid Nadidawala’s brain as he and Shabbir Khan conceived of this project! The first Bollywood film to actually star Hollywood actors – forget about going there, we will bring them here. And forget all those Marigolds with unknown faces, we will bring A-listers, or at least people who once were A-listers.

We will have a typical Mills and Boon story about a misogynist stunt-man, and a feminist super-model surgeon and we will have them indulge in love banter for 3/4 of the film as if they were acting in the Southpark version of Lady and the Tramp. The stuntman will do stunts, the super-model will model and sometimes do surgeries. When the artist Rajesh Khanna met the eye surgeon Tanuja in Mere Jeevan Saathi, we knew he would lose his eyes and she would save them. In Kambakht Ishq there is a twist, she is a surgeon so she will perform surgery on him, no doubt, but in Patna surgery ishtyle she will leave something behind in his belly. And it will be a singing watch that sings loudly on the hour, needs no batteries, takes a licking, keeps on ticking! Then she will try to seduce him, while he is trying the same on a bet, and instead of successful seduction there will be a chaste “this is true love” moment for both, which she will forget as she is drugged.

The once A-listers will drift in and out of the film, just to show us that they are there and have a role. The crowning point will be Sly Stallone saying “Kumbaakt Eeeeshkk” – and this will be a crowning moment in his career, as it will be the only dialog he ever spoke that will be understood!! To keep the common denominator engaged there will be pie throwing at a party, there will be farting onto someone’s face and lots of slapping around, there will be anal probes, people with blackened faces and gollywog hair, beautiful foreign locations, and lots of singing and dancing.

It seemed like a foolproof formula, and I am still in shock that it did not work. In fact the only thing that sank this film was pure greed IMO. Make it for a little less money, sell it for a little less moolah and have a hit. The film was somewhat engaging in a completely low brow way, and I enjoyed a couple of the songs. Bebo and title track were foot tapping good. Kareena pouted and Akshay scowled as required, and both looked good together and good in general. This is not a high point in Akshay or Kareena’s careers, nor is it a formula that will be tried again in a hurry.


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  2. pakhipakhi,

    In the last still of your post, I wonder if Akki is pickpocketing Stallone!!! Shakal se toh aisa hi lag raha hai. 😉

  3. hey pahiji i think u will like this

    “Fox Searchlight Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox International, will distribute the movie in the US and other territories respectively. ”


    Btw i hope u dont mind this gravatar 😀

    @ Ankit – welcome to Ng .

    • I saw that, hope they turn out to be better than the Sony and Warner stuff 😉

  4. Ankit – hahahahha, now we know how he was able to live in those fancy houses.

  5. nice Post

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