What’s Your Rashee? – the music!

After tapping AR Rahman for his heavyweight films Lagaan, Swades and Jodhaa Akbar, Ashutosh Gowarikar picks Sohail Sen for his self-professed light romantic musical What’s Your Rashee. This is only his second stint at composing after SIRF. The lyrics are by the veteran Javed Akhtar. The fates of many are riding on the film.

Gowarikar has been very successful post Lagaan, with every film garnering enough critical acclaim and awards to make up for any missteps at the box office. Harman Baweja is floundering with two big flops to his name, Priyanka is on an upward trajectory and any mis-step will threaten he clout at the Box office and in the star standings, Sohail Sen needs a foot ion the door. Only Javed Saab endures and will not be affected either way. In Rashee we are supposed to expect a 3 hour romcom. At that length pace and humor will be needed. Ashutosh has no facility with either – his films work at a langorous pace and he lacks a funny bone in real life. Even worse, the memories of a Priyanka and Harman film are relatively fresh in the memories of those who did go to see LS2050!

So the only thing that will make the film click big is the music!

Rashee is supposedly about women with different traits attributed to their sun-signs, and a man’s quest to find a right mate amongst them. Priyanka plays 12 different kind of people and Harman is the hapless male. To match the 12 rashees there are 12 songs in the album, and to tie them all together there is a medley number.

With almost an hour of music what exactly does Rashee serve up?
Aa le Chal has a catchy beat, Aslesha Gowarikar’s voice is unique and youthful, but lyrics are inane and not remarkable in any way. Harman talks in the middle, he has a weak voice and that is a downer, but the song and his speaking are mercifully brief. Salone Kya seems almost identical in general feel to the previous number. It is a duet with inane lyrics and ordinary tune. Aaja Lehrate is sung by Bhavya Pandit, and for me this number is really silly. Perhaps lyrics that contains shaka shaka racka racka are considered youthful. The newly released promo suggest a large dance scene that has noting unique in setting or choreography.

Next up is Maanunga Maanunga, sung by Ashutosh Gowarikar himself. This number is different but Ashu sounds flat and untrained like Amitabh Bachchan without having the benefit of that tremendous baritone. In Pal Pal dil jisko dhoondhe I like the jazz sax type music and Sohail’s singing. But the “What’s your Rashee” crooning ruins it for me. Then comes Sau Janam. It is a simple number in Madhushree’s sweet voice, even the words start out well. And finally we have a nice trained quality voice in the album with Udit Narayan doing the honors. I like this one! In Su Chhe the music is catchy but voices of Bela Shinde and Sohail Sen are poor quality. Sohail does better with the ghazal type number in Bikhri Bikhri and the lyrics are decent here. Then comes the obligatory classical type tune in Koi Jaane na, it is sung by Rajab Ali Bharti and he does justice to the number. Man ki batiyaan man mein liye hai, ghut ghut ke yun gori jiye hai – this is a sad number, and a lot wil depend on how it is picturized.

Then we have Jao na, this is a nice song, even though in preview it looks cheesy . It reminds one of Sujeeth Kumar playing the mouth-organ in Mere Sapnon ki rani!! But this is the first complete song with decent tune, lyrics and voices. Sohail Sen’s voice suits the soft dreamy tune and the back female vocals are decent too.

In the next duet Pyaari Pyaari, a pleasant and listenable number, the lyrics again are really ordinary. Alka and Sohail do the honors. Dhadkan dhadkan is more of the same with Tarannum Malik and Sohail Sen doing the singing. The final title song is sung again by Sohail Sen and leaves no impression.

One wonders why a sophomore music director decided to sing so many of the tunes himself – could he not convince real singers? Was Ashutosh cutting corners here? WYR music could have given the film a huge lift, but it is not a standout album at all. It is let down by the voices and the lyrics. The songs are hard to distinguish from each other and that makes for a boring listen.


3 Responses

  1. I haven’t yet listened the songs of What’s your Rashee. But I saw the back cover and most of the songs are sung by the composer himself. Then I listened to Jao Na track and I thought though the song has good music, Sohail Sen is such an awful singer. He sings from nose.

    Also about the film, I would have liked more had there been 13 Priyanka Chopras than 12. Not because 13 is an unlucky no. but in one of the sun-sign, she could have played twins. It could have shown more creativity of the director and the writer. Nevertheless it isn’t a flaw or something, just a personal opinion that I would have appreciated it more.

  2. Ah yes – the Gemini avatar! But what if it is all one girl, duping the poor boy?

  3. I am fairly disappointed by this OST. I think Ashutosh is cutting corners by opting for a sophomore MD and have him sing most of the songs.

    Thanks for the review. 🙂

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