Want to get drunk again and again? The Hangover!

Does it matter who directed it or acted in the film? I could not tell you – I recognized no name or face except that of Heather Graham and she had a 10 minute role. After resisting for weeks thinking this would be the usual frat-boy level comedy with crude and rude humor, finally I was a captive audience on a flight and thought, what the heck. And guess what? It is all that and more and it is a hilarious barrel of laughs that goes beyond the likes of Harold and Kumar and soon you do not cringe at the crudity at all, but simply enjoy the ride.

A bachelor party in Vegas usually involves shenanigans the future groom gets into, but here his friends wake up with a gap of many hours in their memory, and a ferocious tiger in their bathroom. There is also the matter of a lost groom, and a baby found in a closet in the hotel room. What follows is a madcap ride of discovery that includes the staid almost engaged dentist getting married to a stripper, a stolen cop car, tazers, a serious poker game, Chinese gangs, and Mike Tyson! I do not want to say anymore to spoil your fun, but you really owe it to yourself to discover the craziness of Alan (Zach Galifianakis) the unhygienic savant who buys the wrong drugs off the street, Stu (Ed Helms) the uptight almost engaged dentist who has told his controlling girl-friend that the bachelor party is in Napa Valley but is not afraid to yank out his own tooth to demonstrate his dentist skills, and Phil (Bradley Cooper) the schoolteacher with a desire to shake it up and get away from his boring life.

Not since what about Bob have I laughed so much at the movies, and it was not surprising to discover that the director, Todd Phillips, is credited with some of the writing for Borat. Two thumbs up from me and I will certainly be acquiring the DVD when it releases.

A word of warning, if you thought Something about Mary was crude and Borat was disgusting, then STAY away from this one.

2 Responses

  1. Though not a big fan of sex comedies, I was quite surprised with this one. I am not saying it is a sex comedy but I expected the film to be a normal sex comedy. But to my surprise it was a great film with lots of imaginative work done. You need it when your characters lose their memory. You need to present the unexpected in those cases. And the film excels in that department. Hen, Tiger, Mike Tyson, Baby, Lost Tooth all were wonderful piece of imagination and fitted brilliantly to make it a charming comedy. I loved the film.

  2. Thanks! I was quite surprised by the film too, worked very well for me.

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