Cult? Oh yeah! Shaun of the Dead

shaun 2
Ever been annoyed by those people who are sneaking a peek at your laptop as you watch a video or work on a plane? I thought this was something I would never ever do until the man sitting next to me on a plane pulled out his laptop and began playing a weird film that I vaguely recalled hearing about. Zombie horror? Cult comedy classic? It was both, based on my surreptitious viewing without any sound. I kept thinking I would watch a bit of this film just to figure what it was about, and almost 100 minutes later, I had seen all of it!!

A strange looking man playing video games with an unkempt chubby buddy, arguments between the strange man and his girlfriend (presumed) and an eventual argument with a roommate over said unkempt buddy leads to people going out and all is normal except someone is chewing the head off a squirrel. Later the roommate is bitten by an aggressive strange person – wait these are zombies! BINGO! The thrust of the story is that zombies want to feed on humans, and a bite slowly turns humans into zombies.



Much fun is had with shovels and baseball bats that are used to whack zombies as people run in and out of houses and into and out of cars! Eventually strange looking man’s mom is bitten and he has to kill her to prevent her from becoming the undead. But the fun does not last forever. In a final standoff in a bar between the friends and the zombies, there is a lot of fire and explosions and then the military comes to the rescue! Zombies are captured and slowly humanized to become part of the low level work force. Strange man and girlfriend get together again, chubby friend is now a zombie who is kept chained in the basement as an on demand video game buddy!

I love these kind of films where you do not need words to capture the essence of the tale. It was funny in the slapstick moments, and also in the end a bit touching to see the bond that existed between friends. Do I want to see it again with dialogs? I am told they are quite funny, so maybe one day I will. But I recommend this one – if I was entertained without words, you will surely like the full version!


2 Responses

  1. I would highly recommend you watch it with the sound! Shaun of the Dead is a true modern classic, and the next movie by the same team was as good if not better: The Best Action Movie Ever 🙂

    They’re a refreshing change from mainstream Hollywood. I watch out for everything the people involved in these movies do, because they usually do it well.


  2. Thanks Samir – I was waiting for just such a recco. But seriously, I watched 100 minutes of a film with NO SOUND and did not get bored, how cool is that?

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