Amitabh: All I am sayin’ is give Abhi a chance

Today I present a column from guest writer and friend Kunal! Here are his heartfelt questions to Mr. Bachchan, Sr., after watching the promotional material of PAA.

Amitabh: All I am sayin’ is give Abhi a chance

I have seen Amitabh and Abhishek working in quite a few films. and though, I agree that Amitabh is at a different level altogether but what really baffles me is the fact that he doesn’t even give better role to Abhshek. If BnB had Amitabh in a better role, Sarkar had Amitabh as hero, and in Sarkar raj, Abhishek was not only having lesser role, but was also bumped off at the half time. Now, I can understand that BnB was YRF, Sarkar was RGv, but what about Paa now?

From the trailers it is looking like that its yet another Bachchan -Bachchan tango, with Sr B getting the meaty part. The movie appears to be more of a launchpad for Sr B than Abhi, which is kinda disturbing for me. I personally think that Abhishek has tons of talent, which he has proven in Yuva, Guru, Bluffmaster and likes and whats even more startling is that when YRF can trust Uday Chopra, Baweja can trust Harman, and even Rakesh Roshan can trust HR, with such big budget movies, why can’t Amitabh trust his son to shoulder a low budget Paa? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for Bachchans, ABCL and everyone if Abhishek establishes himself as a brand name?

Even Mani shows more faith in Abhishek than his own father has shown. Would it have been a wrong idea if Ritesh Deshmukh had done “Paa”‘s role, and Abhishek doing the lead as a child suffering from prognosis? Is Amitabh a hindrance to the development of his own son’s talent and star status? I am not talking about Abhishek shadowing his father, that is next to impossible, but at least he should be given good roles that he can stand a chance.


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  1. i disagree on amitabh having a better role in BnB and sarkar . clearly sarkar was all about abhishek in second half and it was superb role to do . as for BnB Rani had best role in it followed by Abhishek . Amitabh just had few one liners so a bit massy role but real problem for BnB became kajrare which became such big hit that Ash-amitabh got lots of credit for the film working .

    on Paa i think it could have worked only other way was abhishek playing as paa and some child doing the role of auro . but from whatever i have read about balki and Paa was that it was written with amitabh as auro in mind and Abhishek was then brought in to create some commercial elements by media friendly son becoming father thing . lets see if it helps or not .

    also its not fair to compae ABCL with likes of YRF , BAweja as this r production houses in proper way while ABCL is coming back from debt and after a big gap .

  2. didnt like paa soundtrack a all . mudi mudi is fine but then all songs r so slow and feels just same . 😦

  3. btw as i had said that srk will retire after MNIK , see this no HNY now . Farah is doing tees mar khan with Akshay 😀

    • This indicates that SRK’s next will be with YRF, along with Ra 1. His dates are now available and there might be a surprise announcement like a movie with V V C ? 😆

    • LOL..yahan bhi 🙂

      • ab yahan hi to pareshan kar sakte hai Srk fans ko 😛

  4. Good for Shirish, maybe Farah can get him a hit and start up his career again. Par aisa na ho ki Akshay dono ko le doobe!

  5. depends on who actress is .

  6. Nah – as we will see from DDD! And they are going on the road to find an actress? Like Adi?

  7. And anyway – no more OSO so maybe Agentsmith will become a SRK fan now?

  8. haha this is blessing in disguise for Srk 😀

    Akki if ever does film with farah khan should have done return of khiladi .

    drishtikona – this means RA – 1 is next srk film after MNIK .

  9. I hear SRK is leaving for Miami to kickstart Ra1 shooting in Jan.
    SOme more gossip

  10. Neo, a few things:

    1) BnB was a horrible movie, as per me at least, and then Abhishek had literally nothing to do. His character was weakest of all, had no pull for the audience to appreciate him. True about Kajarare though, it became an absolute rage, and it elevated the performance of BnB on BO as well.

    2) Sarkar, being a Godfatehr script, had a lot of scope for Abhishek’s character, but even over there, if you compare with The Godfather, Abhishek’s character lost a lot of edge, even in Sakar, many powerful scenes involved Amitabh, Abhishek though having a major role, was never bigger than Amitabh’s.

    3) Paa, it would have been lot better for Bachchans, ABCL and Abhishek if it had been Abhishek playing the rol eof Auro. Also, I don;t think a child actor could have played the role, see this is not a movie which shows the pain of parents, but pain of the child suffering from the disease, Now I doubt if you can get a child actor that easy who can portray the physical and emotional pain of a someone who is suffering with prognosis. Such kind of a movie had to focus on the parents, which paa doesn’t seem to be doing from promos.

  11. Kunal –

    Nice post.

    As you also realize that we can’t blame Big B for not allowing his son to overshadow him in BnB and Sarkar, because in BnB, just like Darr, the third character was the best written one and we can’t blame Big B for doing his part magnificiently. In Sarkar too, which is an adaptation of The Godfather was always the story of Vito Corleone/ Subhash Nagre while their son takes over in the end. Agree, Sarkar Raj was a let down if we talk from Abhishek’s point of view, but can we hold BigB responsible for this. No!!!

    Paa, as I told you has Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of son of Abhishek Bachchan just to add the shock factor to the film and to bring in more audience as a result of this. More number of people will watch a film which has BigB playing the son of Abhishek Bachchan instead of Abhishek Bachchan playing the son of BigB in the SAME FILM. Obviously, it would have been much easier for the director had a chosen an actor of smaller height than Amitabh Bachchan to play the role of Auro, as he has to do a lot of adjustments to the camera and all to make Big B appear short in the film. How much of sacrifice did Balki do to just add that shock value in a way commercializing the film to bring in more audience
    is to be seen when the film finally releases!

  12. i think shift in Sarkar Raj from abhishek – Amitabh is carefully seen by Ramu as non acceptance of Abhishek by film audience as successor of Amitabh .( that is if u see some parallels )

    Sandy recently mentioned that when Amitabh and abhishek came to office of balki for cheeni kum Abhishek was all serious and Amitabh was playing with things there and it is from this that he got idea of PAa . also what film is about its hard to say . first promo was about Amitabh but the song promo was about Abhishek . also it is a gimmick ( if u want to tell ) but purely for commercial means as it gives free publicity . i dont see any wrong in it .

    As for Amitabh not doing anything for Abhishek , earlier he was not in financial condition to do anything and now abhishek is stable enough to do things on his own .

  13. I think Ramu killed off Abhishek as a suspense feature in his film. But no one can deny that Big B had a towering role compared to Abhishek. As for PAA – even the advert says see the child sensation of the year! The focus is on the Dad and the gimmick is there, but it may work.

  14. but advert also says a uniquee father-son relationship

  15. Lol…All the usual suspects here….BTW nice posts allround..

  16. Good Post. Paa wont do much at the Boxoffice, but will be safe proposition due to low price.

    The movie will get Abhishek nowhere in his career, Big B if strikes might get some acclaim and awards.

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