The music of My Name is Khan – the eyes have it!!

After a gap of 3 years Karan Johar is in the director’s chair again and directing his favorite jodi of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. The claim is that this is not his usual drama, set in the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Though they do exist, as we were told by Ram Gopal Varama when he went to the AbhiAish wedding – he came back saying he now understood Karan’s cinema!! But Karan moves out of his comfort zone, where he had last played out his version of ‘The Dangerous Liaisons’ set in New York City, and now he promises a film that deals with a “challenged” man, Shahrukh with autism of the Asperger’s variety, and his quest to win back the love of his live and in the process show a nation that religion does not determine who the fanatic is. The film is said to have no large song and dance spectacle, and in fact no lip-sync singing at all. A Karan film without the Shava Shava, Mahi Ve, Where’s the Party Tointe numbers would make one wonder what kind of music is in store for us.
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