Why it is hard to kick the habit!!!

Coffea arabica, that morning cup, the caffeine coursing through the veins, the “buzz” that gets the neurons firing, the brain clicking into gear! Oh wonderful cup! Then comes the afternoon low, fixed by a new infusion of caffeine into the system, and then inevitably comes the insomnia and tossing and turning in bed. Less sleep, dull head in the AM and more caffeine is needed. I have tried to break free of this cycle multiple times, and almost succeeded. What causes the slide off the wagon invariably is THIS MAN:

I go for grapefruit juice, I try black tea, green tea, and just putter along in my semi-dull state until one fine afternoon I find myself outside:

It is impossible to be so close to the mother-ship and not enter, and then once in, to somehow escape with having a caffe latte or a cappucino! And there go all the resolutions out of the window. This location (Berkeley) is where it all began, as Alfred Peet hand roasted his coffee beans to perfection, a dark roast that became the signature of Peets Coffee. Though Mr. Peet is long gone and one hears that Peets is now owned by Starbucks (really?), the signature coffee that tastes like coffee and not sink swill is still very much expected and delivered by any Peets anywhere.

The original store also has a tiny museum in the back with old coffee making and storing paraphernalia and an exceptional ambience!


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