What blooms in Kristineberg!

Summer in Sweden means LONG days, and I am talking really really long. And all around, the hillsides and gardens bloom. What a wonderful time to visit the WEST (otherwise known as the BEST) coast of Sweden. The Gullmarsstrand Hotel in the little fishing village of Fiskebackskil is nice, clean, and right on the water. Waiting for the sun to set can be an experience – that night the sun flirted with clouds for ever while we waited and waited!

The paths were overgrown with Rosa rugosa and fat bumblebees foraged for pollen inside the flowers!


Wild grasses grew everywhere, tall and proud even though they lack showy petals.
The bright yellow stamens on this one made splashes of color along the path!

Tucked away among the grass on a hillside was this rare orchid, whitish pink, with striped leaves!

The deadly foxglove grew thick on the slopes, enticing with its purple pink flowers.

Climbing along some walls was this Hydrangea variant, ‘white skirts and lacy veils’ would be an apt name!
lacy veil

Along the village paths were glorious peonies, pink and pouffy!

There were more mundane flowers like the red and yellow nasturtiums, petunias in window boxes, but what caught my eye was this flower – I am guessing a poppy of some sort, pale white with its masses of stamens converted to petals!

I have wonderful memories of summer in Kristineberg – warm, long days, walking along paths and flower gazing, then ending the day sitting on the dock waiting for sunsets, sipping wine!


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