Shankar’s Endhiran

Music is about to release shortly, stills are available!
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    Endhiran 10

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  4. both are winner!

  5. Synopsis:

    Endhiran, Rajni plays dual roles. One is a scientist and the other is a Robot. Scientist Rajni creates a Robot with artificial intelligence – like that of sixth sense in humans – to help human beings and to the development of the country.

    But its silicon heart falls in love with Aishwarya Rai. Writes romantic poems and the Robot behave just like a human being. Knowing about the extra ordinary intelligence of the Robot the villains try to get control of the Robot.

    Scientist Rajni fights to save the Robot falling into the hand of the enemies and destroys the evil forces using the Robot itself.

  6. Another:

    Endhiran tells the story of Dr. Vaseegaran, played by Rajinikanth, a scientist who specializes in robotics. In true fashion, Dr. Vaseegaran creates a robot that looks like a human. He names the robot Chitti and introduces it to other humans, which obviously leads to some very fascinating situations! Aishwarya plays a woman named Sharmili and Danny Denzongpa portrays Shivaji.


    Puthiya Manidha
    Singers: S. P. Balasubramaniam, A. R. Rahman, Khatija Rahman
    Lyrics: Vairamuthu

    Kadal Anukkal
    Singers: Vijay Prakash, Shreya Ghoshal
    Lyrics: Vairamuthu

    Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam
    Singers: A. R. Rahman, Kash’n’Krissy
    Lyrics: Kaarki
    English lyrics: Kash’n’Krissy

    Chitti Dance Showcase
    Singers: Pradeep Vijay, Pravin Mani, Yogi B
    Additional Arrangements and Programming: Pravin Mani

    Arima Arima
    Singers: Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam
    Additional Vocals: Benny Dayal, Naresh Iyer
    Lyrics: Vairamuthu

    Singers: Javed Ali, Chinmayi
    Lyrics: P. Vijay
    Additional Vocal Arrangements: Clinton Cerejo

    Boom Boom Robo Da
    Singers: Yogi B, Keerthi Sagathia, Swetha Mohan, Tanvi Shah
    Lyrics: Kaarki

  8. Thanks Manoj for all the Endhiran news and photos! The Arima song sounds suspiciously like Azeemo-Shaan Shahenshah from Jodhaa Akbar. Have not heard the other. The red and black Robot suits are clearly Ironman inspired and Rajni even sports a Terminator look in one still. So is this Shankar’s tribute to (or rehash of) all Hollywood films involving robot suits?

  9. Pardesi

    Agree…it does sound like azemoshaan…
    Yeah some inspiration is visible 😉

    But lets see how it has shaped up…

  10. Listen to all songs!

  11. The three trailers!

  12. Thanks for the links pardesi

    looks rocking!! Shankar has done all his homework it seems!
    Will be a visual treat too! :))

  13. Hmm – I usually like Sci-Fi, hope this is not sappy and cheesy…

  14. Which sci-fi BW films have you liked in the past?

    • Sci-Fi Bollywood films? I can only think of Mr. India that I liked. There was a funny Kishore Kumar one Hum Sab Ustaad Hain, but generally there is nothing much to like in BW in terms of Sci-Fi.

  15. I would start with Mr India and then KMG and Krrish.LS 2050 was a damp squib but SFX in some scenes were good.
    Now endhiran is the costliest Indian movie,so lets see the level of the effects here.

    What is ur top 3 sci-fi in HW?

  16. I really did not like KMG at all – how is it possible to like a complete ET ripoff? No originality at all, and Jadoo wrapped in tinfoil was just too much. I have to say that I never saw Krrish, maybe it is time to give it a watch.

    Top 3 HW scifi films? without thinking too much – Total Recall, Bladerunner, Avatar. Must watch but not HW is Alphaville by Goddard.

  17. In BW,it is very important that a sci-fi has a good drama.KMG n Krrish worked because,more than the effects,people reacted to the drama of the movie.Just having good effects without the emotional connect will never make the movie work.KMG n Krrish both score there.

    I am hoping Endhiran has more to it than just some good effects.

    • The story of KMG was completely copied, that is what annoyed me the most.

  18. Billu and Don-TCB were copies too but you seemed to love them! 😛

  19. Yeah, but I have a thing about theft, that makes things not work for me.

  20. ^ WTH!

    Remakes are nothing but “formal thefts” !

    • That formality, where the original creator gets credit, that is kind of important to me.


  22. My views on – i) Why music holds the key in Guzaarish and ii)Endhrian music

    By now everyone knows that Sanjay Leela Bhansali,the director,has donned the cap of music director.Music of Guzaarish is quite imperative to the prospects of the movie with regards to people’s expectations and of course the box-office.The music would infact demystify the tone of the movie whether its depressing,feel-good ,loud/OTT (like most Bhansali movies) or just plain boring.The good news is that Bhansali himself being the composer,would know best what kind of music he has to come up with that can satisfy the expectations.Past tells us that he has good ear for music atleast!

    Just to extend this thought,how often have we seen promos not living upto expectations?Promos can always deceive but music is something that almost exposes the underbelly of the movie in case its bad.(prior to watching it obviously).A case in point is Kites which,from the promos,looked like a D2 sort of deal eventually turning to be a tragedy!But one who listened to the music carefully knew Kites was in no way another D2.The latter with its catchy foot-tapping music almost convinced the public that here was a unabashed entertainer.The music of kites wasn’t the sort that would grab you by your collar instantly.The title song “Kites in the sky” itself was enough to conclude that a certain tradegy in the movie was a given!

    Talking about present,the promos of Endhiran have created quite a buzz.But I suggest dont just go by the promos but listen to its music to get the feel of what this movie is gonna be.

    ”Arima Arima” is almost a eulogy on Chitti,the Robot, which highlights the grandeur that one can expect from the movie. To experience the optimum effect,I suggest that you listen to the Tamil version,where the chorus is brilliant,Hindi version is a bit lame in comparison.

    “Naina Miley” is one foot-tapping number which I believe will showcase the dancing skills of Ash and style of Rajnikanth.Its quite catchy.Ditto for “Boom Boom Robo Ra” where lyrics have references to Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton!Super-fun both of them!Beats are awesome.

    “Chitti Dance Showcase” is almost an instrumental track and is quite possibly the background theme of the movie.Highly energetic and befitting for someone like Rajini.

    “Kilimanjaro” is the only song that just doesn’t work.Its just too weird!And the picturization I believe would be fitting with Ash in costumes stitched with Ostrich feathers and Rajini borrowing Big B’s jacket from JBJ title song.

    “Pagal Anukan” is probably the only number that has very less techno-influence as compared to the other songs.Its a hummable romantic number.Mohit Chauhan has managed to match the vibe of Vijay Prakash in original.

    And finally,”O Naye Insaan” is like chanting of a modern age Tantrik!!Its haunting and will take you to another world altogether.Clearly,my pick of the album.

    All in all,Kudos to Shankar-Rahman combo who have come up with yet another winner album which is already topping the charts.Hopefully the movie will be as much a treat as the music.

  23. *Just to extend this thought,how often have we seen movies not living upto expectations from promos?*

    • I think we have seen that quite often. But that may not apply to a Rajni film! Thanks for your music writeup – very nice!

  24. My views on Endhiran:

    It is incredible and at the same time shameful of a Hrithik fan to have never seen any of his movie(or any movie for that matter) on the first Friday itself.But Endhiran was a wait I just could not resist.The promos had been promising,the music was catchy but let me tell you the promos are just 10-20% of what this experience is really about!

    I cannot think of any one else but the highly talented and imaginative Shankar who could make Endhiran such a cinematic experience.That Shankar is an engineer is reinforced in the way he delineates his passion for science and the gadget-world.It demands only and only Shankar who could materialise his imagination in the way he does and knows how to use every penny to optimal effect.

    In his latest offering,Endhiran, Shankar takes you on one hell of a rollercoaster ride of the Sci-fi world.The first scene starts with a scientist named Vaseegaran(Rajini) who has been working on a robot for 10 years while trying to make him walk,talk and look like him.The robot ,like any programmed machine,follows just about anything that is fed into it.(It introduces itself everytime by specifying its configuration! :)) ).So it can dance like MJ,fight like Tony Jaa,it can speak any language(even talk to mosquitos!),can cook,can handle the most complicated pregnancy case but alas it cannot think and feel like humans which fails it in an important test.So Vaseegaran loads a “software hormone” into it,makes it read books on human perception,feelings,thinking,gets him acquainted with human births and deaths and the humanoid is ready in all its elements.

    Just when everything seems working,Chitti,the robot develops an infatuation with Vaseegaran’s GF Sana(Ash,gorgeous than ever!).A cold war develops between the two ultimately resulting in the creator destroying his own creation.
    Danny,rajini’s boss,who has been eyeing his junior’s envious creation all this while, finds Chitti’s shattered parts in the dump and reassembles and reprogrammmes it as the destructor.

    As a result,the clash between the creator and his ‘evil’ creation culminates in a series of spectacular action scenes and never-seen-before effects.
    Two standout scenes for me are 1)Chitti’s fight scene in Local train &
    2)Almost whole of second half(primarily latter half of it) with the evil-bot replicating itself into a gargantuan sphere, rod, wall,ground-driller,an anaconda and even a Giant!

    This of course is an unabashed Rajini vehicle as the superstar shines as the dexteruos scientist,as the invincible but innocent Chitti and most impressive as the evil-bot.His antics will crack you up surely!

    Ash fits her role perfectly, looks gorgeous than ever and one cannot take eyes off her in the songs even when the charismatic Rajini is in the same frame.

    Danny and the rest of the cast have done well.

    Screenplay is one of the movies biggest strength.Background music especially “O naye Insaan” is haunting and is likely to stay with you after you leave.

    Normally,It doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes to smell which way a movie is going to go.The first half is so gripping, you cannot even move your neck while the second half is full on action.

    Verdict – You will miss something very spectacular if you miss Endhiran.Watch it at any cost!

  25. Thank you Manoj for sharing your thoughts. I have never seen a Rajni or a Shankar film, but this one I am keen to watch…

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