Padosan through the songs!

Beautiful heroine, Bindu by name (Saira Banu) – fun loving, cute, lots of sakhiyaan, as it happened in Bollywood of the 60s! People are actually cycling! I am not sure if the sakhiyaan disappeared after this or had any other role in the film.

Her simpleton neighbor, Bhola (Sunil Dutt) is madly in love with her, but at a loss. How can he impress this beautiful girl?

His guru, Kishore Kumar, tells Bhola to sing love songs to her. That is the way to a girl’s heart in any Bollywood film! Bindu will immediately fall right into love with Bhola and all will be happy ever after:

Thus it is imperative that Bhola learn to sing! Here is how that first music lesson goes:

With that kind of musical talent, singing is a no-go. Next we have a full on-screen playback episode where Bhola impresses Bindu with his “singing”!

However Bindu has her own singing master, Mehmood, who also happens to love the girl and keeps asking her to marry him! Here is how he woos her:

Not to be outdone, Bhola has to ratchet up his romancing across two windows, and yes the sakhiyaan have all come to the party:

Masterji (Mehmood) senses a crisis and with Bindu challenges Bhola to a singing contest with him! This classic is ageless and hilarious:

This song has one of the best lines in all films I have seen – yeh kya ghoda chatur ghoda chatur, ek pe reh na, ya ghoda bolna ya chatur bolna!

Bindu realizes Bhola is not the voice that wooed her in song and decides to marry masterji. Things get even more convoluted. Now times are desperate and a solution has to be found. Here is the final installment of the film! Watch:

For me the true stars of the films are the stellar music by RD Burman, wonderful comic timing of Kishore Kumar, and Mehmood’s buffoonery! Sunil Dutt and Saira Banu gamely submit to these shenanigans to make a super comedy.


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