Dabangg – tracing the genesis of Munni Badnaam Hui

The track Munni Badnaam Hui from Dabangg seems to have caught the fancy of many. Malaika is a premier item girl, and of course Salman has never looked more dashing then he does in this film, with his pencil thin mustache! People think this rocking item number will greatly increase the footfalls in single screens, and single screens were always Salman’s domain. Salman’s entry in the song and his trademark dance moves will certainly gladden his fan-base:

But where did this earthy song originate from? A fellow blogger Khanabadosh pointed out to me this Bhojpuri gem:


Of course this is even more bawdy than the derived version, as Bhojpuri songs are wont to be. It is that very earthiness that Hindi film-makers exploit after some cleanup to make the content more palatable. Bhojpuri is synonymous with crude in some minds, but it is really the mass appeal of Bhojpuri songs that inspires copying, and makes the films hit the mark in B and C centers. Who can forget guilty pleasure songs like this one:

It is noteworthy that in all these songs the female singer is very much in the vein of Rani Bala of Naseeban Tere Liye! And it is usually a lone woman singing surrounded by a bevy of “rustic” men. In fact Rani Bala’s song Naseeban Tere Liye (likely itself derived from the canon of nautanki songs in Bhojpuri) was copied one time prior to Dabangg in the film Rock Dancer:

What is up for debate is whether changing Landa Badnaam Hua Naseeban Tere Liye to Launda Badnaam Hua Laundiya Tere Liye actually cleaned up the language any!!! The rock lyrics of Bappi Lahiri did give the song a patina of modernity, that was at odds with the bawdy lyrics.

AND today we saw the making of Munni Badnaam video released on BollywoodHungama – the director talks of how the inspiration for the song was Lanuda Badnaam Hua Naseeban Tere Liye!

2 Responses

  1. http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/broadband/video/making-of-the-music/DhgaHI14/3/Making-Of-Munni-Badnaam-Dabangg.html

  2. Its a great language. Just love it.

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