Perfect Monday morning!!!

First I read this gem – stupendous!  I do not know who gets the award – should it be for creative journalism or stupidity in film-making?

Bebo in chaddis!

Meena Iyer, TNN, Aug 23, 2010, 12.00am IST

Karan Johar

Karan Johar
WhenKareena Kapoor returns from the schedule of Agent Vinod in Latvia around mid September, she has a lot of cleaning up to do. Her best friend, filmmaker Karan Johar, who loves Bebo to distraction, has ordered her to empty her wardrobe.

Karan jokes, “I have asked her to throw out all her old clothes and fill her wardrobe with chaddis (he means shorts) and other skimpy outfits. She has to sport a short haircut and I also want her to try and get herself into a size minus (not a size zero) because she has to match Imran Khan perfectly for my film tentatively titled Short Term Shaadi.”

Post Diwali, Bebo may actually think of making a trip to Paris and London accompanied by designer Manish Malhotra to get herself a totally new wardrobe that will consist of LBDs, chaddis and other equally seductive clothes.

Bebo says that she is also going to consider a personal wardrobe change because that way she will be “living the part 24/7”. One last heard that beau Saif Ali Khan was contemplating hiring a couple of bodyguards for his girl.


THEN someone posted this deliciously mindblowing clip!

Come on Monday morning – hit me with all you got! I am SOOO ready for ya!


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