What went on my iPod in repeat mode this month!

Every month or so I collect the recent tunes that I have listened to in repeat mode.  That way I have a whole playlist of songs that I can listen to over and over again until I am finally tired of them 🙂

So what was playing in repeat mode this month and why?

1.  Munni Badnaam hui from Dabangg!  Yes, I know it is not an original but is a redoing of an old nautanki tune, but it retains enough of the earthiness and raw appeal that such a song should have!  So Munni stays for a few more weeks, and I have a spring in my step as I listen to it:

2.  Zor ka Jhatka – Action Replay

It is Daler Mehndi, the lyrics are insane and the beat the is a happy mix of Bhangra and rap!

3.  Nakhre – Action Replay

This song has the retor feel that I associate with the 70s!  Totally crazy lyrics, and the VOICE!  Unusual and catchy!

4.  Disco Dancer – Golmaal 3

Bappi Da at his finest.  A lovely iconic song that is reprised tastefully!  Cannot to wait to see how it is done on screen.

5.  Chann Ke Mohalla – Action Replay

A holi song, fun and filled with the craziness only Sunidhi can bring to a song like this.

6.  Ajab Leher Hai – Break ke Baad

This is an uncharacteristically mellow number when compared to its fellow tracks on this list!  But it is still catchy and I love it!

7.  Yaad Aa Raha Hai – Golmaal 3

Yet another retro redoing, by Sudesh Bhosle this time.  I love Sudesh’s vice – like a chameleon, he can be anyone.


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