What should the STAR be doing?

Should he be looking for new and pathbreaking roles?  Playing to his strength?  Being laid back and in the mode that got his fans to love him in the first place?  One can think of Jack Nicholson – loved by all, fine actor.  And then we got too much of the good thing and Jack became a caricature of Jack.   I am grateful that Aamir and SRK have not fallen into that trap.  If anything I would say that Salman is playing laid back with Wanted and Dabangg, in roles tailor made for him, and reaping rewards.  But does that stretch his acting mettle?  I still think his best may have been as the bumbling idiot in Andaz Apna Apna!

Every actor who wants to prove something to the world (and they ALL do – that is part of the business) will play (1) a negative role (2) a physically or mentally challenged role (3) a completely understated role (4) an over the top role!  Then they are done with the rounds and can sit back for a while.  Hrithik will now do Guzaarish (after the horrendous Kites), Aamir may do the villain in Dhoom 3 (strong rumors afloat), SRK will look for a small film, and so on and so forth.  About star fatigue – for some it may be very true – for the majority of Indian viewers stars drive film viewing.  They can make even a bad product semi-palatable.  Can anyone imagine how colossal a disaster Kites would have been without Hrithik?  Akshay is now looking to snap out of his buffoonish image on screen with Patiala House and even wants to get back to his earlier strength – action.

The newbies have a lot to do – so do not go looking to them for versatility or role choices.  After the blockbuster JTYJN, Imraan tried to break out of the romantic mold and had two big duds in action.  Now he will only do romances, be in smaller films that work and he will rapidly try to erase the label of flop-star before thinking anymore of roles.  Ranbir is still very much in romantic mode, smartly staying in the genre that is his strength until he is fully established.  After 3 duds people like Hurman Baweja are now likely looking for other jobs.  Abhishek is the only enigma – flop after flop and he bounces back with more movies.  BUT he has experimented a lot with many different kinds of roles!


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  1. Agreed on most except Abhishek. He has had hits Yuva, Dhoom (2004), Sarkar, Bunty Aur Babli, (2005), Dhoom 2 (2006), Guru (2007), Sarkar Raj, Dostana (2008), Paa (2009). Not so sure about Paa though but the point is that he has given at least one hit a year.

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