The far reaches of Bollywood!

Does Bollywood really have fans outside of India and the NRI community?  Here is a small collection of clips that suggest the influence of the Bollywood style film peppered with music and dancing is growing:

The Brazilian Soap Opera Caminhos das Indias aired in 2009 to exceptionally high ratings and increased the visibility of Indian culture and cuisine in Brazil:

“The telenovela popularized India in Brazil. The Indian-inspired bijoux used by Maya are now available everywhere, books about India started to pop up on the best-selling list, the number of travels to India by Brazilians tourists increased dramatically and restaurants and even nightclubs with Indian themes started to open.” (Wikipedia)

Two clips from the TV series:

And the original version of Beedi plays in the credits of this soap opera!

Indian songs and dance routines were already becoming popular before JAI HO exploded on the scene.   Here is Lets Dance 2010, the British Talent show, with a performance based on a Bollywood song:

The Israeli women’s team at Winter Olympics took this to a whole another level, using the energy and rhythm of the song exceptionally well in their routine (watch from 2:30 on):

Of course we see many Bollywood dance performances in the USA and UK.  But are the audience taken in?  Do they love it?  Watch this performance of Mahie Ve! at an outdoor festival


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