Copied or merely similar? You be the judge

Here is the Tees Maar Khan title track:

And here is what I think the inspiration was:

You be the judge!


6 Responses

  1. Thanks to Fever aka Baba for the lead on the Bride and Prejudice song!

    • Fever Babi ki jai ho

  2. Sounds somewhat similar. But would like to give benefit of doubt to Sirish Kunder. Kudos to Sonu Nigam for taking the song to another level.

    BTW Raj & Raghu’s characters is inspired by Thomson and Thompsons from Tintin 🙂

    • I think that Bride and Prejudice song was choreographed by Farah, so there is a connection! It is sung well.
      There used to be a singer called Mahesh Kumar who sang in a female voice also – as per a comment on Rangan’s blog.

  3. Here is Milan singh. She used to sing in both male and female voices and was very popular in 90s

    • I never knew about her! Thanks for the link.

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