Let us have Ranbir for coffee – the Deepika Padukone & Sonam Kapoor episode of KWK

KWK had been plodding along this season, starting with a mind-numbingly dull episode and barely warming up a bit with the Ranbir Kapoor Imran Khan episode. And then came the two women, little less than three years old in the industry, but ready to speak their minds about a lot of issues! Suddenly KWK got jolted out of the doldrums and into the realm of funny and interesting. I think the show was not at all what the host had envisioned and he was often caught off guard with some of the candid answers.

They say hell hath no fury greater than that of a woman scorned. And here were two women who showed their claws when it came to many issues.

Issue 1 – Ranbir Kapoor: Deepika made it quite clear he had cheated on her and she said that loud and clear and mentioned she had never taken it back. So that recent “retraction” attributed to her was a PR job? It does not take much to figure out where that one might have originated! One could dismiss this as sour grapes, but Sonam called Ranbir absolutely NOT boyfriend material! Meow! The worst dig was when both ladies labeled him the LEAST sexy of the lot in a list of men provided to them by the host. Thankfully they did not diss his acting ability or his potential superstardom. But his persona took a beating, when he was told t endorse a condom brand by Deepika and Sonam agreed.

Issue 2 – Shobha De: No tact was used when Shobha was discussed. Deepika took the high road and said people who have a forum that they can write in, should do it with decorum, even when they criticize. Sonam pulled no punches and called Shobha a writer of BAD books, and one who indulges in cronyism.

Issue 3 – Katrina Kaif: Deepika asked to see her passport, and called her a senior in the industry thus alluding to the mystery about Katrina’s origins and her age. Both girls listed Kareena first and Katrina last in acting ability in a list of stars they were given. Hard to argue with that!

Issue 4 – Aishwarya Rai: Deepika did not have much to say about this issue but Sonam did, never quite denying the kerfuffle at Cannes last year with the Loreal red carpet affair. As a real dig she said that Aish must be Ok with her because she was in a film with Abhi, thus suggesting that Abhi’s co-stars are vetted by his wife!

Issue 5 – Dostana 2: Seemed very much on the cards but both balked at having Katrina in the film and wanted Hrithik instead. The best quip was from Sonam – think of how much money it would make Karan!

Issue 6 – Plastic Surgery: Sadly no names were mentioned, perhaps Shobha De was alluded to. But the whole conversation went into the realm of hilarity with the issue of burial of female stars and how to find out who had how much silicone in their bodies!

Sonam and Deepika were both spontaneous and outspoken and funny, and quite candid in the rapid-fire round too. What would you do if you were Sanjay Bhansali? Sonam: get more color into my life – other than Black and Blue! Who has a better future Ranbir or Imran? Deepika: When is this issue airing (telling us she is thinking of Break Ke Baa with Imran or she would give a true response)? I do not think I have had this much watching a Koffee With Karan episode.

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