Koffee With Karan – Directors’ special!

There was an earlier directors’ episode with Raju Hirani, Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra and Kunal Kohli. That one had people mostly preening and self-promoting (except Hirani – who seems too nice to do that). So I was not expecting much from this episode. I did not get much either, but this was still a bit of an eye-opener.

What was expected:

Farah being the loudest mouth in the bunch. Hirani being the same gentlemanly type that he usually is. Karan going on and on about the Khans for all seasons, and other similar and oft-repeated questions. The usual man on the street stuff that is a useless time-filler was there. God forbid that a talk show being hosted by a director and with directors for guests would actually discuss the process of movie making! It did not. If that is why you were thinking of tuning in – avoid.

What was unexpected:

Hirani was very diplomatic but even he thinks he makes “intellectual” films! I was blown away by that. All of them like commercial cinema over cerebral cinema and were basking in the glory of their box office successes. While Karan was cowering from the media backlash over KANK, he seemed more confident after MINK – and would insert his own name into every question about directors! Make it about your guests dude, this is not very polite. Nor was it pleasant to see them being a bit condescending to Imtiaz – he has now joined the “club” because he is invited to be on this show! However, the show keeps getting A-listers so there must be some “prestige” associated with it or why would they come?

Farah must have had a BAD falling out with Deepika – listed her last and Katrina has been bumped up high on her list. To her chagrin both Imtiaz and Raju Hirani thought Katrina was the worst of the lot! But all agreed that Kareena is the best among her contemporaries. Same goes for her feud with SRK, it still rankles – whatever it was that happened.

When it came to directors being listed – there was a shocker waiting. ALL THREE listed Ashutosh Gowarikar last, preceded by Farhan Akhtar! And Bhansali was quite high on their list. He was number one for Imtiaz. This does not bode well for Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se. Though one could present a counter argument that their loving Bhansali did not help Guzaarish much!

The funniest line came from Imtiaz – advice to Shahid Kapur – Take it easy! Abhay Deol – Don’t take it so easy! And he listed Hrithik last in acting ability.

All in all it was an OK episode, with some interesting dynamics that came forth in the questioning.


2 Responses

  1. I just watched this a few hours ago! It was my first whole episode of KWK and reminded me why I stay away – so very little actual content. I am glad you pointed out the directors’ seeming dislike for “intellectual” films – I thought that really stood out and I was surprised how negative they were about the very notion that entertainment could also be commentary of some kind. Made me like all of them less!

    • Yes, it is mostly fluff and remarkably thin on content. So it has to rise above the inane and either shock or amuse to be worthwhile. I found the Deepika and Sonam episode quite funny. The Abhi – Aish one was sleeping pill level dull.

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