And now for new year resolutions! ahoy there 2011

I decided to make this list before the revelry of the 31st made me lose my judgment. After a few margaritas and some loud music one tends to make all kinds of resolutions that seem foolish the next morning. And then the guilt sets in. So this year I am starting early. In 2011 I resolve to:

1. Spend less time Twittering (I know I know – it is Tweeting) and more time reading. My stack of books is growing at an alarming rate and has been ignored for too long.
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The best, the worst and the in-betweens! Adieu 2010

The year is racing to a finish, and it is time to look back at what went by, or rather whizzed by. I wish I could have read more, seen more films, traveled more places – and eaten less 😀

Films: There were some really good ones and there were some really bad ones, and then there was mostly a lot of stuff in between. After a hiatus from Bollywood I went back to watching a lot of BW films (mostly what released in theaters here), while picking my HW films with care and caution! Here is a HW list:

1. Inception – loved the film, the mind-bender that kept us thinking and discussing for days on end. Leo DiCaprio did not disappoint and Marion Cotillard was luminous.
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Man vs nature – 127 Hours and North Face

127 Hours

Christmas rolled around and I still had not seen 127 Hours. So with much trepidation that was the movie chosen for Christmas eve. Of course the story of Aron Ralston, the intrepid mountain climber who got his hand stuck under a boulder in a rock fall, is very well known so one has a good idea what to expect from the film. Continue reading

Begum Akhtar sings Ghalib

Today is Mirza Ghalib’s birthday. What a wonderful opportunity to bring together my favorite ghazal singer and my favorite shaayar!

Here is a small selection:

Koi ummeed bar nahin aati
Aage aati thi haale dil pe hansi
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Sholay remixed – an all female version!

Female Gabbar

RGV ki Aag

First there was Sholay, then there was Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag, and now we have :drumroll: Basanti Ke Badle ki Jwaala! This one is an all female version of the cult classic and we have begun a community project to generate the screenplay. Of course the protagonist is not Basanti, the bindaas tangewaali, or her widowed friend Radha. The leading figures are the intrepid pocketmaar duo of Jaya and Veera. Brought into the game by Thakurain, the mother-in-law of Radha, their goal is to end the tyranny of the madam called Jhabbariya – she runs the local brothel with an iron fist, tyrannizing the inmates, stealing young girls from the local village. She must be dealt with – and this is where Thakurain comes in :tantara:….

So now for the cast, and to fill in the story details I turn to you readers – help me!

Ya dil ki suno duniya waalon, yaa mujhko abhi chup rehne do….

Music or lyrics? I always ask people this question in today’s age of synthesized Hindi music where lyrics have taken the backseat. A friend once told me that playing music from The Doors guaranteed a cleared out room and an end to the party! Hindi film music today is like The Doors of the days gone by – wonderful music that accompanied lyrics like “There’s a killer on the road, his mind is squirming like a toad!” (Riders on the Storm). Today’s Hindi songs lose their luster within a few weeks, and it is not the musical composition but the words that are the culprit! Look at this from Sameer:

Jadoo se Jadoo kiya re
Uski yaadon mein,
Uske khwabon mein
Jhume jiya re! (quite nice IMO)

And then Crazy Kiya re? Followed by Sexy Lady on the Floor?

Sameer is of course an egregious offender with such lyrics:

Once time touch me like this
I like what you want
What you give its a risk
Two time touch me like this
Together wanna fasa d style the way tat a lover (WTF? and I am struggling for words here)
Three time touch me by far
Gets over here comes the crazy with me in my car
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My Favorite Holiday Movie – The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

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When the family gathers, in goes Rob Reiner's The Princess Bride DVD and a good time is had by all. The story of a sweet princess (Robin Wright), a silently adoring farm boy (Carey Elway), a scheming Sicilian (Wallace Shawn), a dumb kind hearted giant (Andre the Giant), an evil prince (Chris Sarandon), and an avenging son (Mandi Patinkin), is told to an ailing grandson (a cute as a button Fred Savage) by his grandfather (Peter Falk).

What's to not like? There is romance ("Farm boy, fetch the water!" – "As you wish!"), there is revenge ("My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"), there is action ("I must tell you that I am not left handed" – flips his sword into his right hand and replies "I am not either!"), there is comedy ("Inconceivable!" – "That word that you keep using. I do not think it means what you think it means!"), there is fantasy (The Cliffs of Insanity, Rodents of Unusual Size). Above all there is a dead hero, but because he is only nearly dead, there is a happy ending!

This movie never fails to entertain me and make me smile. If you missed it, do catch it this holiday season. And share your favorites!