More on the Ranbir-Deepika-Sonam KWK kerfuffle!

Ranbir Kapoor and Imraan Khan appeared on Koffee With Karan and Ranbir acted like quite the player. He was quite open about how he uses camouflage to hide the names of his “female” callers on his cell phone – I believe the code word was “Battery Low”!

And then (in that SAME clip – at 6:10) Rishi tells us “He is dating all the girls and I am very happy about that!! Atta Boy – that’s the way to go!!” Of course he is dating all these girls, not one by one, but at the same time!!! And his dad says “Atta boy!”

A week later we have Deepika and Sonam on KWK. Read more on that here! The girls join forces and have a go at Ranbir. Next thing we know Papa Kapoor is going ballistic! For what exactly? For their saying he cheats? Dating several women at the same time would be exactly that! So why do we not hear “Atta boy” at this? Because when the girls talk about it it seems a bit nasty and shows Ranbir in a poor light. Of course in the misogynistic world of Bollywood the guys can go “Atta Boy” and laugh at “Battery Low” type code words, and the GIRLS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DISCUSS THESE THINGS OPENLY, it is a guy thing after all! Well, these girls did and rocked the boat.

Rishi Kapoor reacted in a most embarrassing fashion and rumors are it is because his wife, who usually keeps his part-senile, part-drunk self in order, was out of town. I am a fan of Rishi, the actor of yesteryears and even today, just like others. But Rishi as the doting but muddled father does not cut it for me. So Sonam and Deepika got thrown out of Ranbir’s world tour! And Rishi had this to say about the world tour!

Not even once has Ranbir danced on stage, even at award functions. This was planned so that he could be seen for the first time on stage during the world tour. The complaint of Indians abroad is that as much as they love Shah Rukh and Salman, they’ve been seen performing on television extensively. If you’re seen performing on 300 channels 365 days a year why would Indians in the US want to pay 200 dollars to see you on stage? That’s where we hope to score with Ranbir’s concert.

This source suggests that Rishi has replaced Shahid Kapoor with Atif Aslam! More than anything else this made me feel that the gentleman has truly lost his marbles and needs to connect back with reality. But maybe he will after this “world tour” ends disastrously, as it will. Even the Bachchans could not headline a successful tour. Ranbir has a LONG distance to go, before he can be assured that fans will show up in droves and pay $200 to see him on stage. They did not show up for many a film of his, all modest successes barring Raajneeti – and that was a truly multistarrer type film.

About the Dharma productions vs Kapoor Khandan battle – Ranbir is much more grounded than his deluded father. I expect to see news of an Ayan Mukherjee film with him, and under the Dharma banner, soon. Dharma Productions is coming into its own slowly but surely. We may not like all the films they make, but is the clout of the banner in any doubt? I Hate Love Stories scored, while Anjaana Anjaani did not. Wake Up Sid (Dharma) and Rocket Singh (YashRaj) are two of Ranbir’s best films – products he can be proud of. It is common consensus they are way better than the Raajneeti and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani type fare that has worked at the box office. Ranbir is a smart fellow – he may play the field as far as the opposite sex goes, but his head is squarely on his shoulders as far as films go. He will not allow his deluded dad to mess with his career. That is my prediction.

A final word on how Deepika and Sonam alluded to Katrina’s age. This part of Katrina’s biography is shrouded in mystery. Sometimes she claims that she was 16 when she did Boom, at other times she claims that she was in college and trying to support a family before entering films. Not that I care – ageism is bad, and in B-town it is the women who take a hit as they age, the men simply keep romancing younger and younger girls. I simply have issue with the lack of talent in the lady and the fact that she cannot speak the language that she is making films in. My assessment of her acting talent was borne out in the directors issue discussed here. Other than Farah (who can be excused – she has a huge film with Katrina coming up) the other two savvy and decent directors, Imtiaz Ali and Raju Hirani, listed her dead last in talent! Sonam skirted around the animosity with Aishwarya issue, but Deepika took the Katrina issue head-on! I will give her some marks for that directness.


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  1. yes. I agree wholeheartedly (unsurprisingly – you read my twitter ranting!) with the p.o.v. presented here. I think what you’ve said about Ranbir being a little more grounded than his…err…volatile pops seems to be spot on, especially if it’s true that he allegedly had full knowledge of what the girls said about him on the show prior to it airing thanks to Karan giving him a heads up and he okayed it. If that’s true, then I kind of respect him a little bit more, because at least he was willing to take any flak/let the girls have their say/make themselves look like bitches/ WHATEVER your stance is on the ‘tactics’.

    The whole fiasco exposes, as you point out, the extent of the double standard kind of thinking. I freaking LOVE those two girls for just cutting through the fakeness and the bull for a change.

  2. Of course Ranbir knew! And he seems laidback. Another interesting take was Anil Kapoor’s. Instead of moaning and taking on Rishi Kapoor, he said – whatever, I have no time for this!

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