This is not potty humor! From the Minoans to the Caliphate (part 2 of 3)

My travels in Turkey and Greece reminded me that I had NOT continued my series on toilets and bathrooms around the world!  So I paid special attention to these attractions this time around.  Surprisingly sophisticated facilities were found wherever I went, be it the Sultan’s harem at the Topkapi palace or the ruins of Ephesus.

At the entrance to Ephesus one is greeted by piles upon piles of clay pipes, a testimonial to the advanced drainage system the Greeks and Romans had.

Clay pipes at Ephesus

Walking down the royal highway past many monuments including the statue of Nike, the symbol of Caduceus, Hadrian’s temple, one rounds the bend and comes upon the most significant monument of Ephesus – the towering library of Celsus!

The Library of Celsus

One can imagine the noblemen riding their horses towards this imposing structure and past it to the gigantic coliseum. But these noblemen made a couple of stops along the way.

Ephesus latrines!

The first is a spectacle the like of which I have never seen anywhere. It dates from the 2nd century AD and is part of a big hamam complex.

Ephesus latrines II

We are told the slaves sat on the marble seats to warm them up before the masters used them. So many seats in such proximity suggests that many a serious matter was discussed in this “forum”!!

Ephesus Latrines III

The waste drainage area suggests running water below and there was a large open central area. We are also told a sojourn at the hamams was followed by a visit to the brothel street which was just down the road! Then came the library of Celsus. Only the facade of this monument is restored, but it is enough to suggest the magnificence of the whole!

The Library of Celsus

Finally they made their way to the gigantic coliseum the size and grandeur of which is best appreciated from afar!

The Coliseum at Ephesus


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