Sholay remixed – an all female version!

Female Gabbar

RGV ki Aag

First there was Sholay, then there was Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag, and now we have :drumroll: Basanti Ke Badle ki Jwaala! This one is an all female version of the cult classic and we have begun a community project to generate the screenplay. Of course the protagonist is not Basanti, the bindaas tangewaali, or her widowed friend Radha. The leading figures are the intrepid pocketmaar duo of Jaya and Veera. Brought into the game by Thakurain, the mother-in-law of Radha, their goal is to end the tyranny of the madam called Jhabbariya – she runs the local brothel with an iron fist, tyrannizing the inmates, stealing young girls from the local village. She must be dealt with – and this is where Thakurain comes in :tantara:….

So now for the cast, and to fill in the story details I turn to you readers – help me!

3 Responses

  1. So far, I like:
    Rani as Veera
    Vidya as Jaya
    REKHA as Jhabbariya
    Shabana as Thakurain
    …but who will be the doe-eyed mute boy for Jaya?

  2. yep I like Beth’s picks. OH Rani as Veera! YES! and Shabana as Thakurain!

    But there’s still a Basanti, right? And a Radha? How about…Kangana for Basanti? and Bebo for Radha? Or strike that, reverse it.

  3. All I know is that Mehbooba Mehbooba needs an item boy to do a pole dance – choices?

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