Pancham Magic – The great RD Blast

old RDB posters
In the Pancham Unmixed DVD package is included a DVD of the songs of RD Burman – The Great RD Blast. These are original film videos of 30 of his best songs and the sound quality for the music is exceptional. I have often wondered why it is that CDs of old music have shrill and screechy sound, while the same songs heard in a film DVD, or even on Youtube, will often sound so much better. The old music is all in analog form up-converted to digital, so why does the type of source make a difference? Anyway I digress. On to the DVD full of music!

I have searched out the youtube videos for my favorites among these songs! ENJOY!

(This song is so reminiscent of the Khaike Paan song from Don, but that came 4 years later!!!)

(Matchless song from Satte pe Satta, it starts slow and reaches an amazing crescendo towards the end!)

Pancham’s genius is seen in the matchless and timeless quality of these songs. Each one is unforgettable for me and get me drunk on rhythm and melody.


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