The 83rd Academy awards – YAWWWWNNNNN!

It could have been the drugs I was on, but this was simply the worst award show I ever saw on TV. The hosts lacked talent in extemporaneous acting, and were too young and unestablished to really be in your face or iconoclastic. So she took to costume changes at the drop of a hat (reportedly advice from Shirley McLaine) while he probably took tranquilizers (no other way to explain that bit in the dress). Continue reading


Abhimaan – Anatomy of a marriage – part 1

This is one of my all time favorite films. Amitabh plays the young heartthrob Subir Kumar – a famous pop singer – and he pulls it off with great panache and style. I saw the film as a young teenager and fell in love with the “Meet Naa Mila Re Man Ka” persona immediately! On a trip to a village he meets a young girl Uma (Jaya Bhaduri) and is mesmerized by her innocence and her singing. Continue reading

Omkara – a rare gem!

As Vishal Bhardwaj’s new film 7 Khoon releases it is time to revisit an old friend!

Omkara is Vishal Bharadwaj’s gritty adaptation of Othello. The plot is well known – no spoiler warnings are necessary for this one. The characters follow the Shakespearean plot line and even have alphabet coded names – Omkara is Othello, Iswar (AKA Langda Tyagi) is Iago, Kesu is Cassio, and Dolly is Desdemona. Continue reading

Akki tries for his Lagaan moment – Patiala House!

After the box office disappointment of Chandni Chowk to China, director Nikhil Advani returns with a film set in London with full on Punjabiyat and nationalism at its core. Right at the start we see racial riots, skinheads, racially motivated killing of a member of the Kahlon family and are given the back story for why Rishi Kappor is the kind of patriarch he is. Continue reading

Bas Ek Pal – Bright gem but does it stand up to close scrutiny?

Bas Ek Pal is a film I was waiting to savor. I had heard so much about the excellence of this movie, about Onir’s outstanding direction, about the wonderful cast. This was clearly a standout movie for the year 2006. Why? For so many reasons really.. Let me enumerate…

1. The movie started out really well, there was an atmosphere of impending doom throughout the film that was very well done. I felt like I was inside a Rohinton Mistry novel. Continue reading

So Aamir has signed on to do Dhoom 3 – rewind back to Dhoom 2!

Reading the news of Aamir signing on to do Dhoom 3, and also that Katrina would be in the film led to a flashback to my attempt to see Dhoom2!

I watched this one in installments. The first 15 minutes go by –

1. Thief defies laws of Physics and para drops right onto a moving train, landing with his feet firmly planted Continue reading