Thunderous start – the Game of Thrones!

I was and am a fan of George R R Martin’s series that begins with the Game of Thrones. The book was hard to put down and waiting for every next one was torture until he sort of went to sleep for 4-5 years as we waited and waited. Now the next one is due to be out in July, and mine’s been pre-ordered at Amazon. What better timing that this for HBO to start a miniseries on book one! I am not much of a TV watcher, but HBO was ordered and the DVR fired up. However I could not wait and watched along!

This first episode shows a few things –
Production values are fantastic, this is not something strung together on a budget. From the start at the Wall that protects the Kingdom from the fearsome others, to the end as little Bran Stark is flung off the window of the castle, the show brims over with a rich tapestry of scenery, setting, costumes and atmosphere.

The major players are set – Eddard “Ned” Stark trains his five children, his bastard son Jon Snow broods about his future, Daenerys of the house Targaryen has just been married off to a barbarian overlord who commands a big army, and the twin Lannisters, Cersei and Jaime, and are plotting their own claim to the throne. The joker in the pack is the drunken and debauched Tyrion Lannister – a dwarf, who will play a big role in the events to come.

This could well be the one that rivals Lord of the Rings in fantasy, murder, mystery, intrigue and valor. What it has going for it is – it does not have to deal with a censor certificate! Look for lots of nudity, sex, violence, language and all kinds of warnings, and make no mistake – the content is delivered by the series!

My advice – unless you are fainthearted and abhor fantasy – catch this episode before next Sunday comes around.

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