Game of Thrones – episode 2

I figured if movies deserve a review then this is the mother of all movies and it certainly deserves a review. The first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, made into a miniseries airing on HBO, this matches and tops the other fine HBO offerings. It all starts at the Wall in part 1, and the action moves of Winterfell where the Starks await a visit from the King of the land. He is coming to ask Eddard (Ned) Stark to come to King’s Landing and be his Hand, after the last one died. At Winterfell the Stark boy Bran falls, actually is pushed, from several floors and is in a coma. The Lannister twins are behind the attempted murder. Ned agrees to go with the King, taking his daughters Sansa and Arya with him, as Sansa has been promised to wed the King’s eldest son. Ned Stark’s bastard son Jon Snow, is to go North to the wall to defend the Kingdom. He is accompanied by the dwarf Tyrion Lannister. Ned’s wife figures out Bran was pushed, after there is another attempt to take his life. On the way to King’s Landing Arya’s kerfuffle with the prince lands her in trouble. Meanwhile, the Dothraki are marching ahead after the marriage of their leader to the Targaryen princess. A war is certainly about the brew and the seeds of that seem to have been well sowed after the first two episodes.

The production values are simply superb, and the acting is decent. One can sense the ratcheting up of interest as events move more rapidly – Arya sends her dire-wolf away, gets a sword, and a small warrior is about to be born. Tyrion Lannister, outwardly flawed, and a whoring drunk to boot, gives Jon Snow some words of wisdom that will stand him in good stead. Doom hovers around the Starks and the evil in the Lannisters seeps through.

I have often wondered if the heroes in this series were modeled after the one we see in the epic SciFi series by Stephen R. Donaldson that culminated in A Dark and Hungry God Arises. HBO does not pussyfoot around content – just gives us a warning and tells the take as it was written. This one is certainly not for the prudish, squeamish or fainthearted, andfthank god it is not a three hour film that is trying hard o cater to all ages!


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