Remembering Kaifi Azmi on his death anniversary

At the age of 12 Kaifi penned a couplet, and then to convince his father he really write it, he had to pen a whole ghazal. Here it is sung by none other than Begum Akhtar:

Here is one filmed on Waheeda and Biswajit – Raah Bani Khud Manzil – who needs a destination when you have the loved one by your side on the road!

And the melancholy yeh duniya yeh mehfil:

Kaifi Saab penned the lyrics of the epic films Pakeezah, Heer Ranjha and Razia Sultan. Razia Sultan is considered in a class of its own. Pakeezah has some lilting melodies set to his words:

But my favorite Kaifi Azmi poetry is from the film Haqeekat:

Brings tears to the eyes every time!


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