Game of Thrones – Episode 4

All is NOT well in King’s Landing. Eddard Stark is surrounded by deceit and danger, hated by Sansa and trying to get Arya to learn swordplay while still being a lady. The Lannister twins are playing their deadly games, the old king may have been poisoned, and Lady Stark is on her way back to Winterfell. On the wall in the North, Jon Snow is slowly winning the reluctant respect of his rag tag band of colleagues, and then another “lost” young man arrives. Tyrion leaves the walls and travels south. In an Inn he encounters Lady Stark who calls on the noblemen at the Inn to help her capture him as he tried to murder her son. The dagger used by the assassin was supposed to have belonged to him. In the meantime, Daenerys Targaryen is now the Khalisi and finally shows her brother Viserys that she is the boss and the Targaryen to reckon with. There is talk of dragons and we still wait for the unlikely heroes the bastard Jon Snow, the dwarf Tyrion Lannister, and the young girl Arya Stark to emerge and have their day in the sun!


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