The Last Days of Disco

A classic tale of young men and women growing up in New York, the hunt for hang out spots, meaningful relationships, career advancement – what’s to not like? Chloe Sevigny is luminous as Alice – vulnerable, impressionable, confused. Kate Beckinsale has done her finest role ever as Charlotte. She is unintentionally bitchy, destructive and selfish – reminds me of all the harm that one can do without ever wanting to. Chis Eigman is brilliant as Des – he was the one to watch in Metropolitan and he is the one who walks away with the kudos here. Matt Keeslar does very well as the slightly disturbed, “taking no for an answer” Josh.

There is cynicism is in the real life moments of drugs, sex, disease – but the film is quite naive and sweet in how the good guys get the goodies in the end.

The mood is well done – the disco club exciting, but the conversations in the club were almost incomprehensible over the music. This is one film that needed to be out of DVD so one could watch it again with subtitles. It was delightful! I hope to get my hands on the Criterion issue soon. Whit Stillman is one of the lesser known directors, who manages to delight in every film. Written and directed by him, this one has snappy dialog that reminds me so much of David Mamet creations, and there is a naivete and a jadedness at the same time that is very endearing.

(I cannot believe that less than 4 thousand people saw this film and it rates a 6 on IMDb)


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