The National Awards – another controversy

Why was Aamir Khan’s production that was India’s Oscar entry not entered for the National awards?

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From the nominations for the National awards

There’s more than that meets the eye as far as Peepli [Live]’s exclusion from the National Awards is concerned.

When the awards were announced, it seemed like the country’s official entry to the Oscars was specifically ignored. Digging around, we found the film wasn’t even entered for the nominations!

Aamir Khan and Anusha Rizvi on the sets of Peepli [Live]

Could it have been an oversight (highly unlikely, considering how particular Aamir Khan is) or did he decide to ban the National Awards (like he does other popular awards)?

The film’s director Anusha Rizvi says she is clueless why the film was not entered. “I heard it, too. And I have absolutely no idea why the film wasn’t entered.

I want to clarify that the directorate and the jury members of the National Awards have been unfairly targetted.”

But wasn’t Anusha the one who did not want to be involved in promoting Peepli for the Oscars race not long ago? Continue reading