There be dragons – Game of Thrones

The thrilling season finale showed us Ned Stark’s head impaled on a spike at King’s Landing, the silly Sansa finally grown up to the true nature of King Geoffrey Barratheon, Arya now disguised as a boy and on her way to the wall, Continue reading


Poha with quinoa – the magic “grain”

Quinoa is touted as the magic “grain” = gluten free, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. A quarter cup of quinoa has more than 6 grams of protein, a good way to get protein into a vegetarian diet. My first attempt to cook with quinoa was to make poha. Continue reading

Retelling the story of a hero – The Legend of Bhagat Singh

The struggle for independence rested on the twin pillars of Gandhi’s non-violent protest and the ‘tit-for-tat by any means possible’ protest spearheaded by Azad, Bismil and Bhagat Singh. The Legend of Bhagat Singh traces the life and times of Bhagat Singh. Continue reading

Goonies meets ET meets Close Encounters – Super 8

Summer is just about to begin, and a bunch of school kids are clandestinely filming a zombie film for a student film competition.  Continue reading

Go on this journey from Mumbai to Bhatinda – Jab We Met!

A good-looking and incredibly rich man (Shahid Kapor) is dumped by his girlfriend, and is down in the dumps. He leaves his Mercedes on the street and wanders about, then jumps on to the first train he sees. A good-looking fast talking Punjabi kudi (Kareena Kapoor ) hops on to same train and talks non-stop, even in her sleep, driving the moping hero to brink of insanity. Continue reading

Vidya Balan in the Silk Smitha biopic Dirty Picture

First look of Vidya Balan in “Dirty Picture” HERE

Vidya is playing Silk Smitha in the upcoming film Dirty Picture.  Silk Smitha burned the screen in her bold and daring roles in many a film. Continue reading