There be dragons – Game of Thrones

The thrilling season finale showed us Ned Stark’s head impaled on a spike at King’s Landing, the silly Sansa finally grown up to the true nature of King Geoffrey Barratheon, Arya now disguised as a boy and on her way to the wall, the bastard Jon Snow getting ready with his fellow Nightwatch to venture beyond the wall and into the unknown, Jaime Lannister captured by the Starks, Ned Stark declared the King of the North, Tyrion Lannister on his way to King’s Landing to be the Hand of the King, and Khal Drogo dead and cremated while out of the ashes arose Denaerys Targaryen with – gasp – dragons! Finally the three dragon eggs hatch and now the long wait is on us as the first season comes to an end.

This has been one wonderful series, quite true to the book, and rich with characters and their stories. While the cast has been consistently good, the one standout is Peter Dinklage – bring on more of Tyrion, please. The heroes are fallen and the bastard/girl-child/dwarf/inconsequential sister are on the move, ready to take on the mantle of heroes.


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