Indians want to be White:Freida Pinto

Indians want to be White:Freida Pinto


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Bodyguard – Salman and Kareena

The first long song promo is out! Desi Beats is a catchy enough number but it does have some energetic choreography:

Here is my analysis:

1. Salman is looking quite youthful and fit – best looking Khan today.
2. He is actually dancing to the beat, following the choreography and playing to the galleries splendidly.
3. The backup dancers are shirtless, while Salman has a vest on and shows us his biceps!
4. Kareena is almost a glorified extra with little to do – but at least she indicates she is romancing Salman by looking at him or coming out from behind him.
5. Salman is so focused on the choreography that we get no indication he is even aware that Kareena is sharing the song with him! Reminds me of the kid who memorizes his lines so painstakingly that he forgets to add the expressions as he recites.

Savory veggie pancakes – quick meal in a pan!

Looking for a quick meal to fix? Something that requires a few ingredients and not too many pots and pans? Look no further. This one is made with a base of garbanzo bean flour (proteins), corn meal, and cream of wheat for crispness, and has lots of veggie goodness.

1/2 cup garbanzo bean flour (sold as besan flour in desi stores)
1/4 cup cornmeal (can be omitted or replaced with besan for more protein)
1 packet cream of wheat (the breakfast packs kind – or substitute with 1/4 cup semolina or sooji)
1 cup water (or more)
salt to taste
red chilli powder (if you are fond of heat

Mix these ingredient and whisk to get a smooth flowing (though not runny) mix. Add more water if needed. Set aside.

one large tomato
1/2 frozen peas
1 small onion
2 tomatillos (or substitute with 1/2 tomato and a few drops of lemon juice)
1 jalapeno (if you like the heat)

Blend all the ingredients without any added water until you have a crude mix.

Add the veggies into the flour mix and whisk thoroughly to mix all ingredients. Heat a non-stick pan on high heat and wipe down with a paper towel soaked in cold water. Take one ladle of the mix, pour on the heated pan and spread with the ladle into a smooth round pancake. Add a tablespoon of canola oil all around the edge of the pancake and let it cook until the top looks solid and the bottom is a golden brown. Using a large spatula flip the pancake over and add a bit more oil to cook the other side. Serve with a garnish of chopped tomato and jalapeno. If in a hurry to eat, you can mix 3/4 tomato ketchup with 1/4 Sriracha sauce and use as a dipping sauce. This pancake should go well with yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber too. Makes about 6 small sized or four large pancakes.