The song, romance and dance is no more – Shammi Kapoor dies at age 79

Suffering from kidney failure, in and out of dialysis, Shammi Kapoor retained a joy for life and living till the very end. The joy he brought to each and every tole on camera was what made him an unforgettable hero. He danced, he romanced and gave a face to the smooth and silky voice of Rafi Saab. His dance moves were never choreographed, but an upswelling from within of how he felt the music. The light of fun and joy is gone, but not forgotten. While I can watch any Shammi movie anytime, some of the songs I love the most are so good they are worthy of repeat watches. Here are my top favorite ways to remember Shammi ji:

In O Haseena Zulfon wali watch Shammi Kapoor watch up to the siren Helen:

Next up is Aasman se Aaya Farishta, Shammi Kapoor in a bathrobe makes sure Sharmila in a daring (for the time) swimsuit goes practically unnoticed!

Finally in Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar ke Charche Shammi matches the sexy Mumtaz step for step:

Some more recent interviews of the legend, and his memories of his films, can be found HERE.

It is most fitting to end this with an ultimate tribute to Shammi Ji from Naseeruddin Shah in the film Sitam (via Pavan Jha!):

Also from the same source is the following story:
p1j (Pavan Jha):
This one is special.Shammi Kapoor married GeetaBali & was doing a film with Kidar Sharma Rangeen Raaten. Geeta Bali wanted to be with him.. Geeta Bali requested Kidar to have her as heroine but Mala Sinha as Shammi’s heroine was already signed for the film. Geeta had no female op. So Geeta Bali played role of a man (not in disguise) but a total male char in the film Rangeen Raaten of Shammi ji”

Keep rocking ShammiJi – you will be missed but not forgotten!

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