How I spent Friday night, watching middle-aged wannabe Casanovas – Rascals

Take a Deewana Mastana story, twist it a bit so the third guy has a more active role in the film. Take two middle-aged leading men who have lost all sense of maturity, and throw them in with two young girls who are not afraid to strip down to their skivvies at the least provocation. Add lots of references to films past, gags using blind men, disabled men, and ethnic stereotypes, give up any pretense of having a coherent story or logic and you have a David Dhawan film in the 2000s.

The dance moves deserve mention. Even since Ready, we can thank Salman for having popularized body twitching as a valid dance style. So most of the time the leads and lots of scantily clad men and wone simply stand around and twitch. The music is horrendous, so maybe I am wrong to blame Salman. Maybe that is all the inspiration the choreographer could come up with upon hearing such awful stuff.

What have Ajay Devgan and Sunjay Dutt come to that they will act in and even produce such puerile stuff? Nearing 50 and out to score women and steal money, that is the character description for both. As for Kangana Ranaut, how far she has come. From best debutante, suicidal mental girl to gangster’s moll ready to show off all the enhancements to her career, and they are all too visible in this film. Not much else has changed, as she continues to lisp and flub her way through the language. The other girl does not deserve any mention at all. Only Arjun Rampal escapes relatively unscathed out of this fiasco, but he must have been offered a packet of money to act in this one. Unfortunately neither the Chetan (Chetu), Bhagat (Bahgu) take on a much reviles writer, nor the Nangana show by Ms. Ranaut can help this mess. It is not worth any of your time.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for saying the music was horrendous – i thought I was going crazy when I said it and got slammed for “not knowing what I was talking about” LOL. Good to know that a) I’m not nuts and b) I can safely stay well away from this one.

    • Ness – I have not heard such forgettable, and verging on awful, music. Other a song that goes “Hum Jaise Rascals” – I recall nothing. Nothing in this film worked for me, not the recycled jokes, not the uncle ji heroes trying to score (and scoring) women half their age, not the story/plot – if there was even an intention of having one, none of the ladies who seemed to be modeling for undergarment ads – nothing.

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