Rajesh Khanna – the end of a legend!

The man who mesmerized women of all ages for almost a decade, got letters from them written their own blood, and caused mass hysteria wherever he went, Rajesh Khanna, is the subject of this documentary:

BBC reporter Jack Pizzey managed to get exceptional access to Rajesh Khanna and the result is this fascinating documentary – Rajesh Khanna – Bombay Superstar. Continue reading


Akki tries for his Lagaan moment – Patiala House!

After the box office disappointment of Chandni Chowk to China, director Nikhil Advani returns with a film set in London with full on Punjabiyat and nationalism at its core. Right at the start we see racial riots, skinheads, racially motivated killing of a member of the Kahlon family and are given the back story for why Rishi Kappor is the kind of patriarch he is. Continue reading

TweedleJi and TweedleD view Dabangg

Tweedle Twins view Dabangg

TweedleJi and TweedleD rarely watch movies together – their tastes are as different as chalk and cheese. The last time they had bumped into each other while watching Dev D.  And then suddenly here they were in a line buying popcorn for the showing of Dabangg.

Continue reading