All those W(AK)OW moments – Asha Bhosle in concert!

Ashaji’s birthday today – so I am bumping this one up!

On the spur of the moment I made the decision to try my luck at the Flint Center where Asha Bhosle was supposed to be singing, along with Sudesh Bhosle. We rushed madly through traffic, arrived late, were told only cash could be used for ticket purchase and the ATM was out of money please! After everyone turned their wallets and pockets inside out we had enough money to get middling good seats, and walked in to see Asha ji on stage, spotlighted, in a baby blue bejewelled saree, talking of how RD Burman asked her to sing a song, which she was unsure of ever being able to do. It was for a Nasir Hussain film, and a bet was on between Nasir and RD about whether Asha or Rafi would do a better job! RD won and the song was a lusciously mad number Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyaar Tera with the signature hyperventilation in the mukhda. She started to sing and the clapping and dancing in the seats and out of the seats began! Magic was ON stage and I was viewing it. (Thankfully NO male accompaniment, just pure Asha magic!!). We were told to not do any video photography – so to invoke the magic of Aaja Aaja, I post here the original version from Teesri Manzil:

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Pancham Magic – The great RD Blast

old RDB posters
In the Pancham Unmixed DVD package is included a DVD of the songs of RD Burman – The Great RD Blast. These are original film videos of 30 of his best songs and the sound quality for the music is exceptional. I have often wondered why it is that CDs of old music have shrill and screechy sound, while the same songs heard in a film DVD, or even on Youtube, will often sound so much better. The old music is all in analog form up-converted to digital, so why does the type of source make a difference? Anyway I digress. On to the DVD full of music! Continue reading

Padosan through the songs!

Beautiful heroine, Bindu by name (Saira Banu) – fun loving, cute, lots of sakhiyaan, as it happened in Bollywood of the 60s! People are actually cycling! I am not sure if the sakhiyaan disappeared after this or had any other role in the film.

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