Welcome to Terra Nova – Terra Falsus!

Nothing is new about this world. In a dystopian future, and as per showbiz norms, humans have managed to completely mess up the world. There is population control in place, the planet looks pretty spiffy, like something right out of Bladerunner, and people want to leave Earth to a new colony off planet and many years in the past, called Terra Nova. It is populated by Jurassic Park animals who are kept outside the compound perimeter, while the compound itself is like a POW camp (though a “happy” place!), and run by an egomaniac commander, Stephen Lang playing Nathaniel Taylor. A dysfunctional family, with a stowaway husband (Jason O’Mara) and out of population control child, has Shelly Conn playing Dr. Elizabeth Shannon. Of course you know that there will last minute histrionics as the husband will break out of jail and sneak past the guards to join his family, that his son will hate him and he will save he son and so on and so forth. Nothing is new in Terra Nova, but it is a nicely put together package with decent VFX and some decent acting, particularly by Shelly Conn. I may watch a couple more episodes to see if the promised conflict with the breakaway colony (Lost?), and some mysterious scribblings on rocks amount to much.

There be dragons – Game of Thrones

The thrilling season finale showed us Ned Stark’s head impaled on a spike at King’s Landing, the silly Sansa finally grown up to the true nature of King Geoffrey Barratheon, Arya now disguised as a boy and on her way to the wall, Continue reading

Game of Thrones – Episode 4

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Game of Thrones – the wall, the rise of a female warrior and more!

Episode 3 – crackling good and packed full of events happening around the Starks, the Lannisters, the Targaryens, and Jon Snow. The starks reunite briefly as Caitlin goes to King’s Landing and tells Ned that the dagger used to attempt Bran’s murder belonged to Tyrion Lannister. Bran Stark wakes up but remembers nothing. Arya Stark begins to learn swordplay and we just know she will be a warrior to contend with soon.
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Game of Thrones – episode 2

I figured if movies deserve a review then this is the mother of all movies and it certainly deserves a review. The first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, made into a miniseries airing on HBO, this matches and tops the other fine HBO offerings. It all starts at the Wall in part 1, and the action moves of Winterfell where the Starks await a visit from the King of the land. Continue reading